Bruker/ABCRF Seminar launches new partnership

22 Nov 0011

On 17th November 2011 a seminar on Structure Solutions was held in University College Cork, organised jointly by the Analytical and Biological Chemistry Research Facility and Bruker UK. 

The event simultaneously marked the launch of a new partnership between Bruker and the ABCRF.

Bruker are a world-leader in instrumentation, focused on high-end structural analysis in both small and large molecule applications, amongst other activities. The seminar focused on the total structure solution for small molecule applications, with particular emphasis on the use of X-ray diffraction and NMR spectroscopy in structure determination. Researchers from both the ABCRF and Bruker presented recent developments in this area to an audience of researchers from UCC, other universities across Ireland and researchers from the pharmaceutical sector including Pfizer, GSK and Bristol Myers Squibb.  Dr David Foley, a former PhD graduate from the ABCRF, presented on the emerging area of in situ process monitoring by NMR spectroscopy based on his research expertise gained over recent years in Lilly (Indianapolis) and Pfizer (Groton).

On this occasion a new partnership between the ABCRF and Bruker was launched with the announcement of the first IRCSET Enterprise Partnership Scheme award with Bruker to support Robin Morrison in her PhD studies. Her research will focus on the use of X-ray diffraction in crystallisation. This marks a new collaboration with a significant industrial partner for the ABCRF and will enhance our focus on the applications of co-crystals, especially in pharmaceutical applications.  Welcoming this new partnership, Prof Anita Maguire, Driector of the ABCRF said " Collaboration with companies such as Bruker plays an extremely important role in ensuring the postgraduate researchers within the ABCRF are effectively prepared for their future careers."

Dr Jeremy Lea, Managing Director of Bruker UK Ltd, said "the development of meaningful partnerships with high profile academic institutions is a focus for Bruker in order to further develop our complete solutions for molecular characterisation.  With strong links in the pharmaceutical industry and excellent academic research groups, we are sure that the partnership with the ABCRF will promote and enhance the solutions we are able to offer."

Pictured From left to right: Dr Anna Codina, Dr Robert Hill, Dr Simon Lawrence, Robin Morrison, Dr Eirian Curzon, and Prof. Anita Maguire at the ABCRF / Bruker Structure Solutions Seminar.

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