8th Advanced Study Course on Optical Chemical Sensors

11 Jul 2011


ASCOS 2011 will be held from Thursday, July 21st till Thursday, July 28th, 2011 in Cork City, at the premises of the University College Cork. Similar to the previous event, ASCOS-2011 will have a defined topic: Optical Chemical Sensors for the Life Sciences. 

A comprehensive panel of first-class tutors from academia and industry has committed to giving a thorough introduction into basic principles of specific optical sensor techniques, probes and bioassays as well as applications and commercial aspects.  To apply the gained knowledge, the students will be organised into several project teams and given real (bio)analytical problems to solve. During this group work phase, the tutors will be available for questions arising from the project group work.As in the previous events, ASCOS 2011 aims at providing an educational and networking platform to young scientists, i.e. MSc/PhD students and young Post-Docs. To ensure high standards, the number of participants is limited and the minimum education requirement is an M.Sc. degree (or similar) in a field related to optical and/or chemical sensors. For people coming from a different background, some relevant experience is required.

All attendees are expected to arrive to venue no later than Thursday, July 21st 2011 around 18:00 (although the first session will start on Friday morning, if you arrive late, you'll miss the welcome party), and leave no earlier than Thursday, July 28th, 2011.  Attendance to tutorial lectures and project work is compulsory, though for group work individual teams may choose their location. Participation in the social programme is highly recommended and expected to be interesting.

ECTS ASCOS-2011 is an ECTS-accredited advanced study course worth of 3 ECTS points.

For more details, please see the ASCOS Series website.

Located in the south-east, Cork is the second-largest city and of Ireland's must-see places. It has rich historical and cultural traditions, vibrant city life and nice surroundings. Cork is well connected to Europe and UK with its own airport.  In line with the previous ASCOS events, the organisers will allocate evenly balanced time slots for tutorial sessions and group work, as well as for regeneration, socialising and networking

Analytical & Biological Chemistry Research Facility

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