Using your World-Wide Web browser

If you have a graphical browser

such as Arena, NCSA Mosaic, Netscape Navigator, etc, use your mouse to move the screen pointer so that it rests on a highlighted word or phrase, and then click the mouse button (the left-hand one if there is more than one) once (only). Click on the `Back' screen-key (usually top left-hand corner of your browser window) to go back to the previous page.

If you have a character-mode browser

such as Lynx (or DosLynx), WWW, or Emacs GNUscape Navigator, etc:

  • for Lynx, use the up and down arrow keys to move between links, and the right arrow key to select one. Use the left arrow to go back;

  • for WWW, type the number of the link (the numbers appear after the links in [square brackets]) and press the Enter key; type b to go back;

  • for Emacs w3-mode, use F and B to move forward and backward between links and press the Enter key to select one; q takes you back.

To go to a specific location on the network

use your browser's `Open URL' or `Open Location' function (in graphical browsers this is usually in the menus under `File' or `Navigation'. In Lynx press G; in WWW type go; in Emacs w3-mode press Ctrl-O).

Then in either case type the address of where you want to go, using the format called URL (Universal Resource Locator), like

There is help available if you cannot get a particular URL to work.

See the list of useful places if you don't know where to start.