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Al fresco learning

Workshop schedule

Participants should bring their own laptops and have TEX installed if possible. If that's not possible, we hope people will be able to share. The venue does not have computers with TEX available.

Study before you start

There will be three workshops on Sunday 20 July (the day before the conference starts) -- see the schedule on the left.

Introduction to LA TEX

This will explain the concept of TEX and then start with creating a simple document with what you need to include, such as packages, and how they work. It will explain the sections, subsections, theorems, lemmas, itemizing, enumerating, tables and figures. We will learn how to do mathematics as well as bibliographies, with BiBTEX and bibitem. We will also add some graphics.

PSTricks for beginning and intermediate users

We start from the basic PSTricks commands and discuss various PSTricks techniques and applications. The topics include

  1. My first PSTricks figure
  2. How to insert PSTricks fig in the TeX document: 2-3 alternatives, including PDF output
  3. How to use colors, fillstyles
  4. Plots: functions and data (including psgraph from pstricks-add)
  5. Introduction to pstricks-add and other advanced topics

The workshop includes many examples, templates, tips and tricks.

Advanced LA TEX

Builds on the Introduction to LaTeX topics