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The List of Military Martyrs

The following list of military martyrs includes only those who have merited individual attention in this site. Click on their names to read more, but please note that the pages for each martyr are at varying stages of construction. The pages on St. Christopher best represent the standard at which I am aiming. A fuller list of military martyrs will also be available in due course.

NameFeastday(s)Alleged Location of Martyrdom
St. Acacius8 MayByzantium
St. Andrew the General11, 19 AugustCilicia
St. Callistratus27 SeptemberRome in Italy
St. Christopher9 MayAntioch in Syria
St. Demetrius26 OctoberThessalonica in Macedonia
Ss. Emeterius and Chelidonius3 MarchCalagurris in Hispania Tarraconensis
Ss. Fidelis, Exantus, and Carpophorus28 OctoberSilvula, near Comum, in Liguria
St. Florian4 MayLauriacum in Noricum
St. George23 April
3 November
Diospolis in Palestine
St. Luxurius21 AugustCarales on Sardinia
St. Maurice and the Theban Legion22 SeptemberAgaunum in Alpes Poeninae et Graiae
St. Maximilian12 MarchTebessa in Africa Pronsularis
St. Marcellus30 OctoberTingis in Mauretania Tingitana
St. Menas11 NovemberCotyaeum in Phrygia
St. Mercurius25, 26 NovemberCaesarea in Cappadocia
Ss. Sergius and Bacchus7 OctoberResafa and Barbalissus in (Syria) Euphratensis
St. Theagenes3 JanuaryParium in Hellespontus
St. Theodore17, 22 February
9 November
Amasea in Helenopontus
St. Typasius the Veteran11 JanuaryTigava in Mauretania Caesariensis
St. Varus18, 19 OctoberEgypt
St. Victor the Moor8 MayMilan in Italy
60 Martyrs of Gaza11 November (c.10), 17 December (c.50)Jerusalem (c.10) and Eleutheropolis (c.50) in Palestine

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