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Images of St. Theodore Throughout the Ages

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A (museum copy) of a 6th/7th century terracotta plaque from Vinica in modern Macedonia. It depicts St. Theodore, as identified by the Latin inscription at his shoulder, seated on a horse and spearing a victim. His spear has been confused with the ancient Dacian "dragon-standard", the draco, later adopted by the Roman army and commonly depicted in the hands of so-called "Thracian rider gods". See J.C.N. Coulston, "The draco standard", Journal of Roman Military Equipment Studies 2 (1991), 101-14.

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An electrum trachy (4.44 g) issued by the Byzantine emperor Manuel I Comnenus (1143-1180) at Constantinople. The reverse depicts Manuel standing left and St. Theodore right, holding a long patriarchal cross between them.The obverse depicts Christ standing between two stars. EF, valued at SF 900.

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A silver trachy (4.05 g) issued by the emperor of Nicaea Theodore I (1208-1222). The reverse depicts Theodore standing left and St. Theodore right, holding a staff surmounted by a star between them.The obverse depicts an enthroned Christ, facing forward. EF, valued at SF 1,100.

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A lead Byzantine seal (27mm, 9.64gm) issued by Theodore Beriboes, protospatharios and strategos of Larissa during the first half of the 11th century. The obverse depicts a nimbate facing bust of St. Theodore in military dress. Spink, Zacos Coll. pt. I, 39. EF, valued at US$1,600.

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A bronze Byzantine ring (height 1.5cm, width 1cm), depicting a nimbate St. Theodore, as identified by Greek inscription, standing on a serpent, with a long cross in his right hand and his left hand gripping the top of a shield which rests on the ground. Value c. US $500.

A 14th-century miniature mosaic of Theodore the Recruit from Constantinople (6.4 x 14cm), at Museo Sacro, Vatican.

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