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Images of St. Christopher Throughout the Ages

I. Western Art

The St Christopher woodcut from the John Rylands Library, Manchester, UK, was executed in southern Germany or German Switzerland in 1423. This hand-coloured block-print is the earliest dated example of European printing, and was preserved as an endpaper in a manuscript dated 1417 from Bohemia, the Laus Virginis.

"St. Christopher" by Conrad Witz (1400-45), dating c. 1435, at the Öffentliche Kunstammlung Kunstmuseum, Basel. Image from Web Gallery of Art.

"St. Christopher" (62.6 x 27.5cm) by Dirk Bouts the Younger (1448-91), at the Alte Pinakothek, Munich. Image from Web Gallery of Art.

"St. Christopher", left panel (1.67 x 0.67m) from the Polyptych of S. Vincenzo Ferreri by Giovanni Bellini (1426-1516), dating 1464-68, at the Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo, Venice. Image from Web Gallery of Art.

"Sts. Christopher, Jerome and Augustine" (3.00 x 1.85m) by Giovanni Bellini (1426-1516), dating 1513, at the Chiesa di San Giovanni Crisostomo, Venice. Image from Web Gallery of Art.

Wooden sculpure by Alonso Berruguette (1488-1561), dating c.1526-32, at National Museum of Religious Carvings, Valladolid. Image from Web Gallery of Art.

"St. Christopher with the Christ Child" (78 3/4 x 61 inches) by Simon Pereyns, dating 1588, at Catedral Metropolitano, Mexico City.

Gilded wood sculpture (94 1/2 inches), dating 16th-17th century, at Catedral de Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Wooden sculpture of St. Christopher, approximately life size, by Tobias Heintze, dated 1624, from Church of St. Nicholas, Tallinn. Note the unusual absence of the Christ-child from Christopher's neck where the globe alone appears. My thanks to Prof. B. Sallay and D. Sallay.

"St. Christopher" (1.27 x 1.00m) by Jusepe de Ribera (1591-1652), dating 1637, at Museo del Prado, Madrid. Image from Web Gallery of Art.

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