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Sources for Cult of St. Christopher

[6th-Century Events]

6th-Century Events

The Life of St. Theodore of Sykeon 25

She also left her rooms in the inn and gathering all her belongings together wanted to remain with him always in order to enjoy still greater gladness and at the same time to minister to him. However, he would not allow this, but asked her to come to the convent of St. Christopher lying to the East and there he persuaded her to remain. And the children who came to him plagued by unclean spirits he used to send to her (especially if they were girls) to receive treatment and to be taught their duties by living with her and that those who wished to remain after they were cured might be enrolled among the nuns.

Source of Translation: E. Dawes, Three Byzantine Saints: Contemporary Biographies of St. Daniel the Stylite, St. Theodore of Sykeon and St. John the Almsgiver (London, 1948). Available online at Medieval Sourcebook.
Commentary:. St. Theodore of Sykeon (c.AD530-613) persuades his grandmother Elpidia to join a convent of St. Christopher near Sykeon.

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