The Calendar of Carthage



This document seems to date to the 6th century since it includes commemorations of all of the bishops of Carthage right from Gratus (c.343-48) until Eugenius (481-505). Of the earlier bishops of Carthage, it mentions Cyprian (249-58) alone, while it fails to mention Boniface (c.523-35). Note that the year begins after Easter in accordance with the usage of the African church, and that no feasts are listed for the period of Lent. The edge of the sole manuscript was damaged resulting in the loss of the days of the month in some cases. The translation is based on the edition by de Rossi and Duchesne (1894).



19 April. (Feast) of the martyr Mappalicus.
29 April. (Feast) of the martyr Pudens.
30 April. (Feast) of the martyr Claudius.
5 May. Laying-to-rest of bishop Gratus.
6 May. (Feast) of Mari(a)nus and the martyr James.
7 May. Laying-to-rest of bishop Geneclus.
11 May. (Feast) of saint Maiulus.
13 May. (Feast) of the martyr Secundianus.
14 May. (Feast) of saints Felix, Caecilius, and companions.
22 May. (Feast) of saints Castus and Aemelius.
23 May. (Feast) of saints Lucius and Montanus.
25 May. (Feast) of saint Flavianus and Septimia.
31 May. (Feast) of the saints of Timida.
3 June. (Feast) of the martyr Perseverantius.
5 June. (Feast) of saint Xystus.
11 June. (Feast) of saint Gallonus.
19 June. (Feast) of the martyrs saint Gervasius and Protasius.
24 June. (Feast) of saint John the Baptist .... and of the martyr Rogatus.
.. June. (Feast) of the martyr saint E...
[29] June. (Feast) of the apostles saints [Peter and Paul].
.. July .... 15 July. (Feast) of the martyr saint Catulinus.
17 July. (Feast) of the Scillitan saints.
20 July. Laying-to-rest of the bishop saint Aurelius.
22 July. (Feast) of the saints of Maxula.
.. July. Laying-to-rest of the bishop saint Capreolus.
30 July. (Feast) of the saints of Thuburbo and of Septimia.
1 August. (Feast) of the Macchabees.
6 August. (Feast) of Sixtus, bishop and martyr at Rome.
10 August. (Feast) of saint Laurentius.
12 August. (Assumption) of Mary among the saints.
13 August. (Feast) of saint Hippolytus
18 August. (Feast) of the saints of Massa Candida.
20 August. (Feast) of saint Quadratus.
22 August. (Feast) of saint Timothy.
25 August. (Feast) of saint Genesius the mime.
29 August. Laying-to-rest of Restitutus and bishop Augustine.
30 August. (Feast) of the martyrs saints Felix, Aeva, and Regiola.
12 September. (Feast) of saint Ampelius.
14 September. (Feast) of saint Cyprian, bishop and martyr at Carthage.
16 September. (Feast) of saint Euphemia.
19 September. (Feast) of saint Januarius.
23 September. (Feast) of saint Sossius.
10 October. (Feast) of saint Quintasius.
13 October. (Feast) of saint Luke, evangelist and martyr.
17 October. (Feast) of the saints of Volitanum.
18 October. (Feast) of the martyrs saints Lucius and Victor.
25 October. (Feast) of saint Victoria.
29 October. (Feast) of saint Felicianus and the martyrs of Vaga.
1 November. (Feast) of saint Octavius.
.. November. (Feast) of the saints of Capitana.
13 November. (Feast) of saint Valentinus.
23 November. (Feast) of saint Clement.
24 November. (Feast) of saint Chrysogonus.
29 November. (Feast) of saint Andrew, apostle and martyr.
5 December. (Feast) of the martyrs saints Bilus, Felix, Potamia, Crispina, and companions.
10 December. (Feast) of saint Eulalia.
11 December. (Feast) of the saints and martyrs of Erona.
17 December. (Feast) of the martyrs saints Felix, Clementiana, Honorata, and Massaria.
.. December. (Feast) of saint Nemesianus.
25 December. (Feast) of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
26 December. (Feast) of the first martyr saint Stephen.
27 December. (Feast) of saint John the Baptist and of the apostle James whom Herod killed.
28 December. (Feast) of the Holy Infants whom Herod killed.
5 January. Laying-to-rest of the saints and bishops Deogratias and Eugenius.
6 January. The Holy Epiphany.
8 January. Laying-to-rest of bishop Quodvultdeus.
11 January. (Feast) of the martyr saint Salvius.
15 January. (Feast) of saint Felix of Nola.
17 January. (Feast) of the saints of Rubra.
19 January. (Feast) of the saints of Tertulla and Ficaria.
20 January. (Feast) of the martyr saint Sebastian.
21 January. (Feast) of the martyr saint Agnes.
22 January. (Feast) of the martyr saint Vincent.
25 January. (Feast) of the martyr saint Ageleus
1 February. (Feast) of the martyrs saint Lucianus and Vincentius.
2 February. (Feast) of the saints and martyrs of Carteria.
5 February. (Feast) of the martyr saint Agatha.
9 February. (Feast) of the martyrs saint Felix, Victor, and Januarius.
16 February. (Feast) of the martyrs saints Macrobius and Lucilla, Nundinarius, Caeciliana and of the martyrs of Petra.

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