Lifematters - Spirit
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Your Spirit

All four systems (body - mind - behaviour - environment) come together to make you who you are. The point where they all meet is called the Nexus, but you may prefer the simpler word, spirit. This is where you balance all the elements that make up YOU.

Step 5 of the programme is all about taking care of your spirit, your energy and your sense of being in the world. Life may be full of uncertainty, but if you take care of your spirit, your values and your unique identity, you will be able to stay centred and grounded and so you will be able to move through difficulties with a much greater sense of ease and confidence.

Looking after your spirit is about learning to view yourself through loving and supportive eyes. This means:

  • Getting a good balance in your body (through nutrition, exercise, rest and energy),
  • A happy balance in your mind (developing nourishing thoughts, feelings, attitudes),
  • A positive way of behaving (learning how to act so that confidence and ease flow inside you and around you),
  • And last but not least: creating a supportive environment for yourself by learning skills, helpful habits and ways of relating to others that keep you safe, confident and at ease.