Lifematters - Environment
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Your Environment

Step 4 of this programme looks at your environment and how you can make it work best for you.

By environment we mean your family, friends, social life, leisure, pleasure and academic progress

This Step is all about the importance of friends and family in growing and changing.

It shows you how to develop habits, skills and behaviours that make your life happy, healthy, productive and safe.

Even if you are going through tough times at the moment, Step 4 provides lots of ideas and shows you some very useful skills to help you. It shows you how to learn from your experiences, put the past behind you and move on to a safe, healthy and productive future.

There are times when we can all benefit from help and advice from others, whether at home, College or at play. Step 4 of this programme gives valuable information on how to develop supportive friendships in your life and how to manage your time and resources in your best interests.