Becoming an Information Provider

Faculties, departments, campus organisations, clubs and societies can use the CWIS and its availability on the Web to publish information about themselves. There is online documentation about how to start: for more details contact the WebMaster.

Virus alerts

The Tedious virus has been reported in wider circulation.

Delivered via the Microsoft Word "normal.dot" template in an infected document. Once the default normal.dot template is infected, all documents opened after that are infected.

The virus deletes system files and subdirectories on the host's hard drive. The virus is programmed to strike between 1 A.M. and 11 A.M. between the 1st and 20th of each month. If an infected document is unused during those times, the virus remains dormant until the infected document may be opened during the next occurrence of the specified time and day window.

Trend Micro is offering free software to detect and clean this virus from its web site: http://www.antivirus.com/

A trojan horse virus circulating some time back with the name PKZIP300.ZIP is rumoured to have re-emerged. The file is so named as to give the impression that this file is a new version of the PKZIP software used to zip (archive-compress) files on PCs. The most recent genuine release is still version 2.04g of pkzip.exe and pkunzip.exe available from the UCC FTP server.

New version of HTML [27 Oct 1996]

There is a new and extended version of HTML called HTML Pro including all known elements available for anonymous FTP. This version is designed for the professional Web author who wants to use a wider range of facilities than is possible using standard (RFC1866) HTML, but who wants to ensure that the files can be reused again later.