Managing Ethics in Research within the School of Applied Psychology

A Road Map

This set of documents brings together the various elements of research ethics that our school has put into place in order to have a coherent and consistent approach to this area.

The elements are not all at the same stage of maturity although they do present a consistent system. All comments and suggestions on the documents to me, please.

There is a small collection of additional documents in pdf format which are downloadable and which the reader may use to get a deeper understanding of the issues involved.

School's Procedure
Other Ethics Bodies in UCC Briefing on Ethics for Researchers
Notes on Ethics and the Internet
Ethical Approval Form Briefing on Informed Consent for Researchers
Informed Consent form for Participants Model for Briefing on Informed Consent for Participants
Other .pdf Documents on Ethics

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Document History:
19th October 2007. Document requested by the Departmental Postgraduate Research Committee
21st November 2007. Base version
26th November 2007. Minor formatting changes with stylesheet, html approval form added
17th January 2008. RBS's revised "Consent Form and Model for briefing participants" added, "Departmental Procedure" improved
4th November 2008. Content analysis of the "Departmental Briefing" Chapter improved.
4th November 2008. "Notes on ethics and the internet" added.
23rd February 2009. Site revised to reflect current structures
25th January, 2010. Clarifications on proposal procedures and revised approval forms, rtf approval form added
25th November, 2011. Small revisions to school procedure
18th January, 2012. Clarification of school procedure
3rd September, 2012. Update of personnel involved