Postgraduate Certificate in Innovation, Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship

NFQ Level 9, Minor Award

This is a part-time programme taken over a minimum of one academic year up to a maximum of three academic years.

Entry Requirements

Candidates must have at least a Second Class Honours Grade II primary degree.

Programme Requirements
Students take modules to the value of 30 credits.

Core Modules
Students take core modules to the value of 20 credits as follows:
AC4404 Entrepreneurial Finance (5 credits)
IS6306 Technology Business Planning (5 credits)
IS6307 Creativity and Opportunity Recognition (5 credits)
MG6705 Marketing for Technology Entrepreneurs (5 credits)

Elective modules
Students take 10 credits from the following:
FE6012 Social Entrepreneurship (5 credits)
LW6104 Principles of Intellectual Property Law (5 credits)
MG6305 People and Organisations (5 credits)
MG6309 Strategy (5 credits)
MG6704 Internationalisation and Sales (5 credits)

Module Semester Information may be found here. Module descriptions may be found here.

Full details and regulations governing Examinations for each programme will be contained in the Marks and Standards 2019/2020 Book and for each module in the Book of Modules, 2019/2020.

Programme Learning Outcomes for Postgraduate Certificate in Innovation, Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship (NFQ Level 9, Minor Award)
On successful completion of this programme, students should be able to:

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