MEngSc (Microelectronics)

NFQ Level 9, Major Award

The MEngSc (Microelectronics) is a full-time research programme running for a minimum of 20 months from the date of first registration for the programme.

In order to be permitted to proceed to the MEngSc Degree in Microelectronics, a candidate must have obtained honours at the BE (Hons) Degree Examination at 2H1 or higher. However, candidates with equivalent academic qualifications may be accepted subject to examination or such other requirement approved by the College. Students are selected for admission based upon an evaluation of the applicant's academic record and references. An interview may be required.

In all cases a candidate must be recommended by the Professor or Lecturer concerned and must have the proposed programme of study approved by the School of Engineering and the College of Science, Engineering and Food Science.

The MEngSc Degree in Microelectronics is primarily awarded on submitting a satisfactory thesis. Students must take modules to the value of 30 credits, at least 15 credits of which must be taken from the following list.

EE6034 Optoelectronic Communications and Optoelectronics (5 credits)
EE6038 Advanced VLSI Design (5 credits)
EE6042 Frequency Synthesizers for Wireless and Cellular Systems (5 credits)
EE6043 Design of Digital Integrated Circuits (5 credits)
EE6044 Advanced Analogue IC Design (5 credits)
EE6045 Data Converter Techniques: CIrcuits and Architectures (5 credits)
EE6047 Semiconductor IC Processing (5 credits)
EE6049 Design of Analogue Integrated Circuits (5 credits)

The choice of modules is made in consultation with the student's research supervisor and is subject to the approval of the School of Engineering. Graduates of UCC are not allowed to take modules that they have already taken.

See also Procedures for Submission and Examination of Research Masters Degrees.

Module Semester Information may be found here. Module Descriptions may be found here.

Full details and regulations governing Examinations for each programme will be contained in the Marks and Standards 2020/2021 Book and for each module in the Book of Modules, 2020/2021.

A candidate may be permitted to undertake the research for this degree in an external institution. Approval of the College must be obtained concerning the adequacy of the technical facilities and of the supervision of the candidate in the designated external institution. Regular consultations must also take place between the candidate and the appropriate UCC staff member.

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