Registration Requirements

First Year Undergraduates

For details regarding registration for First Year Undergraduates click here

First Year Postgraduates

First Year Postgraduates students complete Part 1 of their registration by registering their programme of study and associated modules online. To complete Part 2 of their registration, First Year Postgraduate students must present the following documentation in person at the University's Kampus Kitchen on a prescribed date in September/October:

i. Letter of admission to the programme, if registering for the programme for the first time, and

ii. Receipt for class fees paid or evidence of award of grant/scholarship etc.

Non-UCC graduates are also asked to bring the original transcripts of all previous qualifications.

Further information may be obtained from the Graduate Studies Office, UCC.

Online Registration for Ongoing Students

Instructions for Registration are forwarded after examination results. Failure to register by the date specified renders a student liable for a fine of €127.

Details of the registration requirements applying to each particular programme will be e-mailed to each student. Further information, if required, is available from the Student Records and Examinations Office in the case of ongoing students.

Students' attention is drawn to the penalties imposed for non-compliance with registration requirements by the specified date.