Departmental information

Minimum requirements

There is a minimum information requirement that every department must provide:

  • Exact full name of the department as given in the College Calendar
  • Exact physical location and postal address for deliveries
  • Phone number, fax number, and email address for enquiries
  • Name of the current Head of Department
  • Link to list of staff
  • Link to the department's own homepage if they have one
  • 100-word (approx) description of the department's activities and strengths

For example:

Computer Centre

4th Floor, Kane Building, Main Campus, UCC. Phone: +353 21 902215, Fax: +353 21 277194, Email: Martin Hayes, Director.

The Computer Centre has overall responsibility for the provision of academic and administrative computer services in the College. If you need help, the first point of contact is the Information Desk in the basement of the Boole Library: phone x567.


Departmental pages (home page and all subsidiary pages) must each have a link back to the UCC homepage somewhere (in a corner, for example). If those pages are on the main Web server, the following HTML is all that is needed: <a href="/">UCC Home Page</a>. A graphical button will be made available for use where this is more suitable than a text link.

Existing information

To see what information has been gathered so far, please select your department, unit, office, or other organisational division below, and click on the LOOK button.

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