Blackboard - Instructions

The UCC Blackboard site can be accessed from any computer, anywhere in the world, that has access to the Internet.

Before you begin:  

1. You must have your student id number and the PIN issued to you by UCC.

If you have lost your PIN, you can go to one of the Open Access computer laboratories (Boole Basement, Block A Level 4, or O'Rahilly Building 315/316). 
The Student Helpdesk website is at 

2. You must have the individual Law Department password for each of your modules, if the module has a password.  For example, the (hypothetical) password for LW1033 Music Law might be 'oboe'.  

How to Access Blackboard for first time.

1.  Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

2.  Click on the space for ‘Address’ and type followed by Enter key

3.  Click on Login

4.  Enter your username, which is your UCC Student ID Number, and your password, which is your UCC PIN, and click Login.

5.  Click on the Courses tab

6.  In the ‘Course Search’ box type a word from a module title (e.g. 'Music' for Music Law)

7.  Click on GO

8.  ‘Music Law’ will appear at the end of the page. Click on Enroll (at right side of page)


9.  The enrollment Access Code is the UCC Law Department password for that module (e.g. oboe), if the module has a password. Enter the Access Code and click Submit and you should be enrolled.

10.  Enroll on other modules as required (starting with step 5 above)

Once you have accessed and enrolled on the site for the first time, you need repeat only steps 1-4 on subsequent occasions.

Some Optional Extra Information:

If you change your password in the Blackboard system, that change will not affect your PIN for the UCC exam results system, the UCC webmail system, or the login screens for computer laboratories.
Note also that your library PIN is a separate number (see 'Creating a PIN' at

If you are having difficulty accessing Blackboard even after following the instructions, please e-mail the Learning Technology Unit at 

If you do not know the Law Department password for a module, please ask the module lecturer.

It is recommended that you use your UCC e-mail account for accessing e-mails about your modules.  However, you should be aware that if you post a message in the Blackboard system, your student ID number will be matched to your name and visible to other students.  To avoid this, while logged in to Blackboard, edit your personal information section to use a different e-mail address.

You need a recent version of a popular web browser to access Blackboard. If you are using a home computer you may find that you need to upgrade your browser. If this is necessary, you can use a free CD from an Internet Service Provider (e.g. Ireland OnLine, Eircom.Net, etc.) to upgrade your browser.  These CDs are available in Post Offices, shops and petrol stations.

These instructions, and other information about Blackboard and Lexis, are available on the Law Faculty website,   
Go to the Students section, then the Electronic Resources section and you will get to   

General UCC-wide administrative queries concerning Blackboard are dealt with by the Learning Technologies Unit.  
The Unit's website is and its e-mail address is