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This page gives access to the raw logfiles, for those who wish to consult the raw archive of discussion on RDG, rather than the edited version. It also contains technical information on list administration,including location of other copies of the logfiles.

The contents of the files are fairly garbled at times. The messages may have passed through a number of machines, working under various different operating systems. Further, mail messages generally are very varied in their format, with some using plain text, others HTML, and yet others proprietary codes which vary more or less from HTML. The occasional participant has sent WORD or WORDPERFECT documents to the list, which after encoding typically result in substantial quantities of ASCII code. I have found that this code is usually (thought not invariably) recoverable with UUDeview or similar utilities.

Copies of the raw logfiles held on this server (in ASCII) are as follows:

2004 2005 2006 2007
Lionel didn't set up the list until September
January 1997
January 1998
January 1999
January 2000
January 2001
January 2002
January 2003
January 2004 January 2005 January 2006 January 2007
January 2008
Lionel didn't set up the list until September
February 1996
February 1997
February 1998
February 1999
February 2000
February 2001
February 2002
February 2003
February 2004 February 2005 February 2006
February 2007
February 2008
Lionel didn't set up the list until September
March 1996
No messages in that month, sorry!
March 1998
March 19999
March 2000
March 2001
March 2002
March 2003
March 2004 March 2005 March 2006
March 2007
March 2008
Lionel didn't set up the list until September
April 1996
April 1997
April 1998
April 1999
April 2000
April 2001
April 2002
April 2003
April 2004 April 2005
No messages in that month, sorry!
April 2007
April 2008
Lionel didn't set up the list until September
May 1996
May 1997
May 1998
May 1999
May 2000
May 2001
May 2002
May 2003
May 2004 May 2005 May 2006
May 2007
May 2008
Lionel didn't set up the list until September
June 1996
June 1997
June 1998
June 1999
June 2000
June 2001
June 2002
No messages in that month, sorry!
June 2004 June 2005 June 2006
June 2007
June 2008
Lionel didn't set up the list until September
July 1996
July 1997
July 1998
July 1999
July 2000
July 2001
July 2002
July 2003
July 2004 July 2005 July 2006
July 2007
July 2008
Lionel didn't set up the list until September
August 1996
August 1997
August 1998
August 1999
August 2000
August 2001
August 2002
August 2003
August 2004 Augsut 2005 No messages in that month, sorry!
August 2007
September 2008
September 1995
September 1996
September 1997
September 1998
September 1999
September 2000
September 2001
September 2002
September 2003
September 2004 September 2005 September 2006
September 2007
September 2008
October 1995
October 1996
October 1997
October 1998
October 1999
October 2000
October 2001
October 2002
October 2003
October 2004 October 2005 October 2006
October 2007
October 2008
November 1995
November 1996
November 1997
November 1998
November 1999
November 2000
November 2001
November 2002
November 2003
November 2004 November 2005 November 2006
November 2007
November 2008
December 1995
December 1996
December 1997
December 1998
December 1999
December 2000
December 2001
December 2002
December 2003
December 2004 December 2005 December 2006
December 2007
December 2008
Lionel didn't set up the list until September


Technical information, and location of other copies

RDG was set up by Lionel Smith in September 1995. From the point of view of most of those who have participated in it, its running has been very smooth, and the infrequent administrivia messages could mostly be sent to the recycle bin in short order. However, the technical story is more complicated. Lionel has globetrotted somewhat, and everywhere that Lionel went, the list was sure to go. The technical history of the list therefore has 4 chapters so far:

1. Lionel started the list while he was in Alberta. It ran under MAJORDOMO on a UNIX machine. No automated archive was made, but Lionel preserved most of those messages as e-mails. Evidently a few messages have gone astray, though not I think very many. The messages on this server are an edited version of Lionel's record.

2. On his move to Oxford in 1996 Lionel transferred the list to a similar UNIX system there.

3. Automated archiving started in February 1997. Those ASCII files are still (at the time of writing) held on the Oxford server, though I'm not sure they are publicly accessible. If you wish to retrieve them from Oxford, try sending a message to majordomo@maillist.ox.ac.uk. The files are monthly, on the pattern restitution.yymm. So to get the logfile for August 1999, the body of your message should read: get restitution restitution.9908.

4. Lionel has now headed back to an even more prestigious Canadian position (at McGill), and in October 2000 he took the list with him. It now runs (under the new name "enrichment") under LISTSERV. Logfiles are weekly, on the pattern logyymmx. So to get the logfile for the 4th week of October 2000 (the first one) send a message to listserv@lists.mcgill.ca, with message body saying: get enrichment log0010d . (From November 2004, this changed to a monthly file, so lose the last letter.) You can alternatively look at the log via the web, at http://lists.mcgill.ca/archives/enrichment.html. These files are searchable on the McGill server.

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