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Lionel Smith
Mon, 29 Sep 1997 21:07:55 +0100
changes to the software


Greetings again,

I have made some minor changes to the way the list works, which I hope are improvements.

1. Due I think to an update to the majordomo software which runs our list, there has been a change to the way postings appear in your "In" box. They show as "From" the individual who sent the posting, not as "From" the list server. This exacerbates an existing problem, namely that it is easy to mistakenly make a posting to all members when you wanted to send a private message to person who made the original posting. Formerly, if you replied to a posting, the system defaulted to a reply to the server, not to the individual. Now that the message shows as "From" an individual then mistaken use of the "reply" function was even more likely.

I have changed the configuration of the RDG so that when you reply to a posting, the default is now a private reply to the person who made the posting. If you want to make a posting yourself, you must ensure that your "To" line shows the posting address, namely ‹restitution@maillist.ox.ac.uk›. You may wish to use the "nickname" or "alias" function of your mailer to make an alias to that rather difficult-to-remember address.

2. The system now adds "RDG:" to the start of the subject line, rather than "restitution." The new tag is shorter and perhaps more distinctive. Given that the "From" field will show the individual who made the posting, this will give a necessary indicator that the message is a posting through the RDG.

3. Finally, the system will now add a footer to each posting. This gives information on how to subscribe, unsubscribe, and contact me. The unsubscribe info means you can always get out even if you did not keep the "welcome" message that you got when you joined. The joining info may seem redundant but the idea is that if postings are printed out and passed to colleagues, there is always an instruction on how to join up.

Any feedback is warmly welcomed.



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