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These links cover topics such as:  Internet Regulation, Cyberlaw, Electronic Commerce Law, Information Technology Law and Intellectual Property Law.

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WorldLII Catalogue - Cyberspace - www.worldlii.org/links/284.html 

INTUTE Social Sciences - Computer and Internet Law - 

(Note that INTUTE annotates each site.)

Google Directory - Internet Law   

Irish Law Site at UCC


British and Irish Law Education and Technology Association (BILETA)

Cybercrime Conferences:  

ETHICOMP 2002  /   ETHICOMP 2004 

Practising Law Institute

University Courses / Institutes 

Courses and Seminars on Internet / Cyberspace Law (Jessica Litman, University of Michigan) 

The Law in Cyberspace (Litman, Michigan)

David Post's Home Page (Temple)  [see also this page.]  [Temple is one of UCC Law Faculty's partner Universities]

Pierce Law's IP Mall   

Lawrence Lessig (Stanford)   

IT and Internet Law Courses (Andrew Murray, London School of Economics) 

LEFIS - Legal Framework for the Information Society  

ELawNet.org (Legal Network for E-Commerce)  

I T Law pages (Andrew Murray, LSE)

Baker & McKenzie Cyberspace Law ... UNSW Australia  

Chicago-Kent College of Law Cyberlaw Jurisdiction  

Cybercrimes - The University of Dayton School of Law  

CyberLaw Research Unit (Leeds)

CyberLaw - Berkeley - Pamela Samuelson  
(Better link June 2003: www.sims.berkeley.edu/~pam/courses/cyberlaw02/ )

Cyberspace Law Institute  

Geneva E-Com - E-Law Project on Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)  

GrepLaw More cyberlaw than you can fit on a floppy.  (Berkman Center, Harvard)

Berkman Center for Internet and Society  (Harvard)


Research Centre for Studies in Intellectual Property and Technology Law (Edinburgh)  

ICRI, Interdisciplinary Centre for Law and IT (Belgium)  

IViR - Institute for Information Law - Instituut voor Informatierecht  (Amsterdam)

Law 7333 -- Law and the Internet  (Georgia State University)

Lex 8256 The Law in Cyberspace Seminar-- Syllabus (Wayne State University Law School, Detroit)

Lex 8256 The Law in Cyberspace -- Other Courses  (Wayne State Universiy Law School, Detroit)

Michael Geist's Homepage  (Ottawa)  

Oxford Internet Institute 

Masters in Law and IT (Stockholm)

Samuelson Law, Technology, and Public Policy Clinic (Berkeley)

Stanford Law School Center for Internet and Society  

Hiller & Cohen Internet Law & Policy Book Updates  

UCLA Online Institute for Cyberspace Law and Policy

    - includes Cyberspace Law Bibliography

Governmental Sites  


E Commerce (Department of Public Enterprise, Ireland)  

Forfás Publications Page (includes Legislating for Competitive Advantage in e-Business and Information & Communications Technologies)

E Business Section (Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment, Ireland)

Illegal and Harmful Use of the Internet - First Report of the Working Group (Ireland)

Information Society Commission (Ireland)

Information Society (EU Site)  

Internet Advisory Board (Ireland)   

Data Protection Commissioner (Ireland)   

eBusiness Legislation Portal  


Journal of Information Law and Technology - www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/soc/law/elj/jilt/  

Script-ED -  www.law.ed.ac.uk/ahrb/script-ed/  

Harvard Journal of Law and Technology (JOLT) - http://jolt.law.harvard.edu 

Berkeley Technology Law Journal - www.btlj.boalt.org  

Stanford Technology Law Review - http://stlr.stanford.edu

Canadian Journal of Law and Technology (CJLT)

Irlii Periodicals Index at UCC (see especially Technology and Entertainment Law Journal)  Also Do a Search

Digital Technology Law Journal  (Murdoch University, Western Australia)

FindLaw - Cyberspace and Intellectual Property Law Journals  

International Journal of Communications Law and Policy  (Münster / Oxford / Warwick / Yale)

Journal of Computer & Information Law  (John Marshall Law School, Chicago)

E Law Review (Scotland) 

Lawyers' Sites 

Information and Communications Technology Law in Ireland (Karen Murray and Denis Kelleher )

In the Law and on the Net News 

Internet Library of Law and Court Decisions  

Legal Technology Insider  (UK)

Perkins Coie LLP Internet Case Digest

The Cyberlaw Encyclopedia


New York Times - Technology Section

Techno \ Culture (Karlin Lillington's Weblog)


CyberLaw e-mail list


Out-Law.com (Masons Solicitors, London)

Quicklinks (Richard Swetenham, European Commssion)

Your Rights Online (slashdot.org)  


ACLU - CyberLiberties 

Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) - Washington [UCC Law Students may apply for placements with EPIC - contact Faculty office]

Chilling Effects Clearinghouse  

Privacy International

CyberRights and CyberLiberties (UK)   

The SpamHaus Project



Irish Domain Registry



This list of links is no longer maintained.

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