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Irish Property Law
including Irish Land Law / Irish Succession Law / Wills / Irish Conveyancing Law / Irish Equity Law

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Printed Material:

Jack Anderson, Make that Grade: Irish Land Law (Gill and Macmillan, Dublin, 2002)

Liam Bell, Equity and Trusts - Essential Law Texts (Thomson Round Hall, Dublin, forthcoming, 2004)

Peter Bland, The Law of Easements and Profits a Prendre (Round Hall, Dublin, 1997)

James Brady, Succession Law in Ireland, 2nd Edition (Butterworths, 1995)
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Tim Bracken and Margaret Campbell, The Probate Handbook (Clarus Press, Dublin, 2011)

Gabriel Brennan (ed.), Law Society of Ireland Landlord & Tenant Law Manual, 2nd ed. (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2002)
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Ruth Cannon, Land Law (Round Hall Nutshells Series, Dublin, 2001)
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Carson, Real Property Statutes (Reissued in Butterworths Irish Reprint Series)

Nuala Casey & Gabriel Brennan (eds.), Law Society of Ireland Conveyancing Manual, 2nd ed. (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2003)
Buy Conveyancing Manual at amazon.co.uk

Heather Conway, Co-ownership of Land - Partition Actions and Remedies (Butterworths, Dublin, 2000)  

Padraic Courtney (ed.), Law Society of Ireland Wills, Probate and Administration of Estates Manual (Oxford University Press, 2004)

Challis, Law of Real Property, 3rd Edition (1911: Irish Supplement, 1956)

Paul Coughlan, Property Law, 2nd ed. (Gill and Macmillan, Dublin, 1998)

Fiona de Londras, Principles of Irish Property Law (Dublin: Clarus Press, 2007)
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Hilary Delany, Equity and the Law of Trusts in Ireland, 4th ed., Round Hall, Dublin, 2007.

Hilary Delany, The Law of Equity and Trusts:  Cases and Materials (Round Hall, Dublin, 2002)

Farrell, Irish Law of Specific Performance (Butterworths, 1995)

Brendan Fitzgerald, Land Registry Practice, 2nd Edition (Round Hall Press, 1995)

Sheena Grattan, Practical Will Drafting (SLS Publications, Belfast, 1999)

Sheena Grattan, Succession Law in Northern Ireland (SLS Publications, Belfast, 1996)

Sheena Grattan, Testamentary Negligence (SLS Publications, Belfast, 2000)

Sheena Grattan (ed.), Third Annual Review of Property Law (SLS Publications, Belfast, 1996)

Albert Keating, Probate Law and Practice (Round Hall Sweet and Maxwell, Dublin, 1998)

Albert Keating, Probate Causes and Related Matters (Round Hall, Dublin, 2000)

Albert Keating, Probate Law and Practice Casebook (Round Hall, Dublin, 1999)

Albert Keating, Succession Law, Round Hall, Dublin, 2007. 

Albert Keating, The Construction of Wills (Round Hall, Dublin, 2001)

Padraic Kenna, Housing Law, Rights and Policy (Clarus Press, Dublin, 2011) (PB & HB)

Aileen Keogan, John Mee & J.C.W. Wylie, Law and Taxation of Trusts, Tottel, Haywards Heath, 2007

Key & Elphinstone, Compendium of Precedents in Conveyancing (1923: Reissued Butterworths Reprint Series) (2 volumes.)

Mary Laffoy, Irish Conveyancing Precedents (Butterworths, 1992) (1 volume looseleaf)

Law Reform Commission, Various reports on land and conveyancing law, available at www.lawreform.ie/publications/reports.htm or www.bailii.org/ie/other/IELRC/ 

Law Reform Commission, Conference Papers - Conference on Reform of Land and Conveyancing Law, 2004 - available at www.lawreform.ie  

Andrew Lyall, Land Law in Ireland, 2nd ed. (Round Hall, Dublin, 2000)
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Maguire & Pierce, Succession Act 1965 with commentary by Maguire, 2nd Edition by Pierce (Law Society of Ireland, 1986)

McDermott & Woulfe, Compulsory Purchase and Compensation: Law and Practice in Ireland (Butterworths, 1992)

John Mee, The Property Rights of Unmarried Cohabitees (Hart, Oxford, 1999) - concerns Ireland and other jurisdictions.
Buy The Property Rights of Cohabitees at amazon.co.uk

Miller, Irish Probate Practice, revised by Maxwell (Falconer, 1907)

Mongey, Probate Practice in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition (Monkstown, 1990)

O'Callaghan, Taxation of Estates: The Law in Ireland (Butterworths, 1993)

Mark O'Riordan (ed.), Consolidated Landlord and Tenant Legislation (Clarus Press, Dublin, 2007) 

Robert Pearce & John Mee, Land Law, 2nd ed. (Round Hall, Dublin, 2000)

Pierse, Administration of Estates: Simple Guidelines (Law Society of Ireland, 1987)

Scanlon, Practice and Procedure in Administration and Mortgage Suits (Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for Ireland, 1963)

Sarah Witchell, Residential Property Law in Northern Ireland (SLS Publications, Belfast, 2000)

Wolstenhome, Conveyancing and Settled Land Acts, 10th Edition (1913: Reissued Butterworths Irish Reprint Series)

J.C.W. Wylie, Casebook on Equity and Trusts, 2nd ed. (Professional Books, Abingdon, 1998) - now handled by Butterworths

J.C.W. Wylie, Casebook on Irish Land Law (Professional Books, 1984)

J.C.W. Wylie, Irish Conveyancing Law, 2nd Edition (Butterworths, 1996)

J.C.W. Wylie, Irish Conveyancing Statutes Annotated (Butterworths, 1994)

J.C.W. Wylie, Irish Land Law (Butterworths)

J.C.W. Wylie, Landlord and Tenant Law, 2nd ed. (Butterworths, 1998)

Conveyancing and Property Law Journal 
[Tables of contents:  www.periodicals.irlii.org ]
Irish Planning and Environmental Law Journal  
[Tables of contents:  www.periodicals.irlii.org ]

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Electronic Material:

Oasis.gov.ie - Irish Government Online Information Portal, including summaries of law  
BASIS - Irish Government Information Services for Business, including summaries of law

Land Registry & Registry of Deeds

Irish Property Law from IrishPropertyNews.com and Loughnane & Co., Solicitors

Some Legislation:

Family Home Protection Act 1976 (Bailii)
Succession Act 1965 (Bailii)
Registration of Title Act 1964 (Bailii)
Registration of Title (Amendment) Act 1997 (Bailii)
Landlord and Tenant (Amendment) Act 1980 (Bailii)
Landlord and Tenant (Amendment) Act 1994 (Bailii)

Some Cases:

Leading Irish Cases - Property Law (Irlii)
Leading Irish Cases - Family Property Law (Irlii)
Leading Irish Cases - Equity Law (Irlii)

Other Cases | Other Legislation | Guide to Irish Law

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