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Irish Environmental Law / Irish Planning Law
Law and the Environment

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Printed Material:

Henry Comerford & Aengus R.M. Fogarty, Environmental Law: A Glossary and Handbook (Round Hall, Dublin, 2000)  

Henry Comerford, Wildlife Legislation 1976-2000 (Round Hall, Dublin, 2001)

John Crean, Do You Require Planning Permission?  An Illustrated Guide, 2nd ed. (Round Hall, Dublin, 2002)  

J.A. Dowling, Northern Ireland Planning Law (Gill and Macmillan, Dublin, 1995)

H.M. Fitzpatrick, Trees and the Law (Law Society of Ireland, 1985)

Brendan Flynn, The Blame Game: Rethinking Ireland's Sustainable Development and Environmental Performance (Dublin:  Irish Academic Press, 2006)  ISBN 9780716533511 

Eamon Galligan, Irish Planning Law and Procedure (Round Hall Sweet & Maxwell, 1997)  (2nd ed. due 2002)

Ronan Keane, Law of Local Government in the Republic of Ireland (Law Society of Ireland, 1982)  

Barbara Maguire, Michael O'Reilly & Michael S. Roche, Irish Environmental Legislation (Round Hall, Dublin, 1999)

Michael O'Donnell, Planning Law (Annotated Irish Statutes Series, Butterworths, Dublin, 1999)

Donal ” Laoghaire, Inland Waters:  Environmental Legislation (Butterworths, 1995)

Donal ” Laoghaire, Waste Management Legislation (Round Hall, Dublin, 2001)

Philip O'Sullivan & Katharine Shepherd, Irish Planning Law and Practice (Butterworths, 1991 with updates) (ongoing looseleaf)

Yvonne Scannell, Environmental and Land Use Law, Round Hall, Dublin, 2006.

Garrett Simons, Planning and Development Law, 2nd ed., Thomson Round Hall, Dublin, 2007

Sharon Turner & Karen Morrow, Northern Ireland Environmental Law (Gill & Macmillan, Dublin, 1997)

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Irish Planning and Environmental Law Journal  [Tables of contents:  www.periodicals.irlii.org ]  

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Electronic Material:

Oasis.gov.ie - Irish Government Online Information Portal, including summaries of law  
BASIS - Irish Government Information Services for Business, including summaries of law

ENFO - Information on the Environment
Environmental Protection Agency
Department of the Environment and Local Government  
An Bord PleanŠla  
European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions 
UK Environmental Law Association   

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