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Irish Employment Law
Irish Labour Law / Irish Labor Law

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Printed Material:

Gavin Barrett, Consolidated Dismissal, Redundancy and Employee Consultation Legislation (Clarus Press, Dublin, 2006)

John Barry et al, Practical Employment Law :  looseleaf / CD-ROM / online  (Round Hall, Dublin, forthcoming, 2002)

Phyllis Bateson & John McKee, Industrial Tribunals in Northern Ireland (SLS Publications, Belfast, 1989)
                    [For more up-to-date information see Rights of Employees in Northern Ireland - Law Centre (NI) ]

Marguerite Bolger & Clíona Kimber, Sex Discrimination Law (Round Hall, Dublin, 2000)
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Josephine Browne, The Juridification of the Employment Relationship: A Study of the Impact of the Unfair Dismissals Act 1977 and the Unfair Dismissals (Amendment) Act 1993 (Avebury, Aldershot, 1994)

Gary Byrne, Transfer of Undertakings (Blackhall Publishing, 1998)
Buy Transfer of Undertakings at amazon.co.uk   

Raymond Byrne, Safety, Health and Welfare at Work in Ireland: A Guide (NIFAST, Dublin, 2001)

Patricia Conlan (Editor), EC Labour Legislation in Ireland (Gill & Macmillan, 1996)
Buy EC Labour Legislation at amazon.co.uk  

Neville Cox, Val Corbett and Des Ryan, Employment Law in Ireland (Clarus Press, Dublin, 2009)   

Deirdre Curtin, Irish Employment Equality Law (Round Hall Press, 1989)

Brenda Daly and Michael Doherty, Principles of Irish Employment Law (Clarus Press, Dublin, 2010)

Mark De Blacam, Judicial Review (Butterworths, Dublin, 2001)

John Eardly, Bullying and Stress in the Workplace (FirstLaw, Dublin, 2002)

John Eardly, Sex Discrimination at Work: A Practical Guide to the Law in Ireland (FirstLaw, Dublin, 2004)

Ian Findlay, The Labour Court:  "...Not an Ordinary Court of Law" (Dublin:  Stationery Office, 1996)

Michael Forde, Industrial Relations Law (Round Hall Press, 1991)

Michael Forde, Employment Law, 2nd ed. (Round Hall, Dublin, 2001)

Johanna Fullerton & Rajvinder Kandola, Implementing the Employment Equality Act 1998: A Guide for Managers (Oak Tree Press, Dublin, 1999)

Harvey & Twomey, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: A Practical Guide for Employers and Employees in the Workplace (Oak Tree Press, 1995)

Thomas N. Garavan, The Irish Health and Safety Handbook (Oak Tree Press, Dublin, 1997)

Desmond Greer et al, The Factory Acts in Ireland 1802-1914 (Four Courts Press, Dublin, forthcoming, 2002)

Irish Centre for Commercial Law Studies, various conference proceedings on employment law.
See www.ucd.ie/iccls/  

Anthony Kerr (ed.), The acquired rights directive : [papers presented at a conference held in the Irish Centre for European Law, Trinity College Dublin on 26 February 1994] (Ashfield Publications, Dublin, 1996)
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Anthony Kerr (ed.), Irish Employment Legislation:  looseleaf / CD-ROM (Round Hall, Dublin, 2000)

Anthony Kerr, Employment Equality Legislation (Round Hall, Dublin, 2001)

Anthony Kerr, Trade Union and Industrial Relations Acts of Ireland: A Commentary (Sweet & Maxwell, 1991)

Anthony Kerr, Termination of Employment Statutes (Sweet & Maxwell, 1995) 

Shane Kilcommins, Emma McClean, Maeve McDonagh, Siobhan Mullally & Darius Whelan, Extending the Scope of Employment Equality Legislation: Comparative Perspectives on the Prohibited Grounds of Discrimination (Government Publications, Dublin, 2004) Full text available online  

Declan Madden & Tony Kerr, Unfair Dismissal: Cases and Commentary, 2nd ed. (Irish Business and Employers Confederation, Dublin, 1996)

Cathy Maguire, Trade Union Membership and the Law (Round Hall Sweet and Maxwell, Dublin, 1999)
Buy Trade Union Membership and the Law at amazon.co.uk   

Michael McMahon, What is the Law? Construction Health and Safety (Round Hall, Dublin, forthcoming, 2002)

Michael McMahon, What is the Law? Fire Safety (Round Hall, Dublin, 2001)

Frances Meenan (ed.), Legal perspectives - the juridification of the employment relationship (International Industrial Relations Assoc. 5th European Regional Congress, Dublin, 1997)

Frances Meenan, Working within the Law, 2nd ed. (Oak Tree Press, Dublin, 1999)
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Jane Moffatt (ed.), Law Society of Ireland Employment Law Manual, 2nd ed. (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2006)

Ciaran O'Mara et al, What is the Law?  Termination and Redundancy (Round Hall, Dublin, forthcoming, 2002)

Gerard Quinn, Maeve McDonagh & Cliona Kimber, Disability Discrimination Law in the United States, Australia and Canada (Oak Tree Press, Dublin, 1993)

Mary Redmond, Dismissal Law in Ireland (Butterworths, Dublin, 1999)
Buy Dismissal Law in Ireland at amazon.co.uk   

Maeve Regan (ed.), Employment Law (Sussex: Tottel, 2009)

Geoffrey Shannon, Health and Safety:  Law and Practice (Round Hall, Dublin, forthcoming, 2002)

Jeremy W. Stranks, The Blackhall Guide to Health and Safety at Work in Ireland (Blackhall Publishing, Dublin, 1998)

Ferdinand Von Prondzynski & Charles McCarthy, Employment Law in Ireland, 2nd ed.(Sweet & Maxwell, 1989)

John P.M. White, Civil Liability for Industrial Accidents (Oak Tree Press, 1993) (2 volumes)
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Irish Employment Law Journal 
(2003 to date)

SPECIALIST SERIES OF REPORTS (also contains some articles):
Employment Law Reports

Full list of general and specialist Irish law journals at

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Electronic Material:

Oasis.gov.ie - Irish Government Online Information Portal, including summaries of law  
BASIS - Irish Government Information Services for Business, including summaries of law

Department of Enterprise, Trade & Employment
- See especially the Publications section of this website which includes guides to the most significant employment laws.
Equality Authority
Equality Tribunal
Labour Relations Commission   
Labour Court 
Employment Appeals Tribunal 
Health & Safety Authority
Irish Business and Employers' Confederation
Irish Congress of Trade Unions   
Employment Law Zone - Northern Ireland   (Legal-Island.com)
Rights of Employees in Northern Ireland - Law Centre (NI)  
Free Legal Advice Centres  

Some Legislation:

Terms of Employment (Information) Act 1994 (Bailii)
Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 1989 (Bailii)
Employment Equality Act 1998 (Bailii)
Maternity Protection Act 1994 (Attorney General's office)
Parental Leave Act 1998 (Bailii)
Unfair Dismissals Act 1977 (Bailii)
Unfair Dismissals (Amendment) Act 1993 (Bailii)
Worker Protection (Regular Part-Time Employees) Act 1991 (Bailii)
Protection of Employees (Part-time Work) Act 2001 (Irlii)  
Industrial Relations Act 1990 (Bailii)
Organisation of Working Time Act 1997 (Bailii)
Payment of Wages Act 1991 (Bailii)
Protection of Young Persons (Employment) Act 1996 (Bailii)

Some Cases:

Leading Irish Cases - Labour Law (Irlii)

Other Cases | Other Legislation | Guide to Irish Law

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