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Irish Commercial Law
including Irish Consumer Law / Irish Competition Law

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Printed Material:

Max Barrett, Financial Services Advertising: Law & Regulation  (Clarus Press, Dublin, 2008)

Timothy Bird, Consumer Credit Law (Round Hall Sweet & Maxwell, Dublin, 1998)

Garrett Breen et al, Intellectual Property Law (Law Society of Ireland Manual, Cavendish, 2003)

Bourke, Hederman and Egan, Irish Merger Control Law (Gill & Macmillan, Dublin, 1995)

Austin Buckley, Insurance Law in Ireland (Oak Tree Press, Dublin, 1997)

Austin Buckley, Insurance Law in Ireland, volume 2 (Oak Tree Press, 2002)

Jonathon Buttimore, Holiday Law in Ireland (Blackhall Publishing, Dublin, 1998)

Dermot Cahill, Corporate Finance Law (Round Hall, Dublin, 1999)

James K. Canny, The Law of Transport and Road Haulage (Round Hall Sweet and Maxwell, Dublin, 1999)

CCH International, Doing Business in Europe (CCH International, 1996) (2 volumes looseleaf)

Robert Clark, Irish Copyright and Design Law, Bloomsbury Professional (ongoing looseleaf).

Robert Clark & Shane Smyth, Intellectual Property Law in Ireland, 2nd ed. (Tottel, Sussex, 2005)
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Blanaid Clarke, Takeovers and Mergers Law in Ireland (Round Hall Sweet & Maxwell, Dublin, 1999)

Michael Corrigan et al, Casebook of Irish Insurance Law (Oak Tree Press, Dublin, 1993)

Norma Dawson, Legal Aspects of Business Start-up (SLS Publications, Belfast, 1992)

Francis J. Dempsey, A Handbook of Essential Law for the Irish Hotel and Catering Industry, 2nd ed. (CERT, Dublin, 1998)

Mary Donnelly, The Law of Banks and Credit Institutions (Round Hall, Dublin, 1999)
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Brian Doolan, A Casebook on Irish Business Law (Gill & Macmillan, Dublin, 1989)

Henry Ellis, Modern Irish Commercial and Consumer Law (Jordan's, 2004)  

Michael Forde, Commercial Law, 3rd Edition, Tottel, Haywards Heath, 2005.

Michael Forde, Commercial Legislation (Round Hall, Duiblin, 1998)

Michael Forde, Law of Company Insolvency (Round Hall Press, Dublin, 1993)

Michael Forde, Bankruptcy Law in Ireland (Mercier Press, Dublin, 1990)

Michael Forde, Re-Organizing Sale in Business - the legal framework (Mercier Press, Dublin, 1991)

Patrick Griffin, European Commercial Law: An Introduction (FirstLaw, Dublin, 2002)

Vincent Grogan, Thelma King and Edward J. Donelan, Sale of Goods and Supply of Services: A Guide to the Legislation (Law Society of Ireland, Dublin, 1983)

Steve Hedley, The Law of Electronic Commerce and the Internet in the UK and Ireland (Cavendish, London, 2006)
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Hendrik Horn, PhD Dissertation on the conduct of on-the-spot checks and inspections carried out by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) in Ireland -  Die Durchführung von Kontrollen durch das Europäische Amt für Betrugsbekämpfung (OLAF) in Irland -  www.efa-schriften.de/band4.htm   Added April 2002  

John M.Hunter, Northern Ireland Personal Insolvency (SLS Publications, Belfast, 1992)

John M.Hunter, Northern Ireland Personal Insolvency: Supplement:  Insolvent Partnerships Order (NI) 1995 (SLS Publications, Belfast, 1995)

Irish Centre for Commercial Law Studies, various conference proceedings.
See www.ucd.ie/iccls/  

William Johnston et al, Arthur Cox Banking Law Handbook, Tottel, Haywards Heath, 2007.

Áine Keenan, Essentials of Irish Business Law, 3rd ed. (Gill & Macmillan, Dublin, 2001)

Denis Kelleher, Privacy and Data Protection Law in Ireland (Tottel, Sussex, 2006)

Denis Kelleher and Karen Murray, Information Technology Law in Ireland, 2nd ed., Tottel, Haywards Heath, 2007.

Colm Kelly and Adele Murphy, Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000 (Round Hall Annotated Legislation, forthcoming, Dublin, 2002)

Paul Lavery, Commercial Secrets:  The Action for Breach of Confidence in Ireland (Round Hall Sweet & Maxwell, Dublin, 1996)

Linehan, Irish Business and Commercial Law (Emerald Publications, Cork, 1995)

Irene Lynch et al, Corporate Insolvency and Rescue (Butterworths, Dublin, 1996)
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Imelda Maher, Competition Law: Alignment and Reform (Round Hall Sweet and Maxwell, Dublin, 1999)
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Patrick Massey & Paula O'Hare, Competition Law and Policy in Ireland (Oak Tree Press, Dublin, 1996)

Pat Massey and Daragh Daly, Competition and Regulation in Ireland: The Law and Economics (Oak Tree Press, Dublin, 2003)

McCormack, Reservation of Title 1990 (Sweet & Maxwell, 1994)

Maeve McDonagh & Louise Crowley, Ireland: International Encyclopaedia of Laws - Cyberlaw (Kluwer, The Hague, 2005)

Damian McHugh, Going to Court: A Consumer's Guide (FirstLaw, Dublin, 2003)

Damian McHugh, Small Claims Court in Ireland: A Consumer's Guide (FirstLaw, Dublin, 2003)

Kevin McHugh, Regulation of investment capital markets : Irish and European regulatory arrangements and laws (Blackhall Publishing, Dublin, 1999)

Kevin McHugh, The Stock Exchange (Blackhall Publishing, Dublin, 1999)

McMahon, Gill & Macmillan Financial Advisors' Guide 1996-1997 (Gill & Macmillan, Dublin, 1996) (Annual)

Sylvia McNeece & Anne-Marie Mooney-Cotter, Law Society of Ireland Business Law Manual, 2nd ed. (Oxford University Press, 2003)

Anne Marie Mooney-Cotter et al, Information Technology Law Professional Practice Guide - Law Society of Ireland (Cavendish, London, 2004)

Eavan Murphy, Business and Company Law for Irish Students (Gill and Macmillan, Dublin, 2004)

Tim Murphy (ed.), Western Jurisprudence (Thomson Round Hall, Dublin, 2004)

Attracta O'Regan Cazabon, Irish Insurance Law (Round Hall, Dublin, 1999)

Patrick O'Reilly (ed.), Commercial and Consumer Law [Irish Annotated Statutes Series] (Butterworths, Dublin, 2000)

Raymond O'Rourke, Food Safety and Product Liability (Palladian Law Publishing, 2000)

Vincent Power, Competition Law and Practice (Butterworths, Dublin, 2001)

Quinn, Credit Unions in Ireland (Oak Tree Press, Dublin, 1994)

Sean Quinn (ed.), Statutes Revised on Commercial Law, 1695-1913 (Irish Law Publishing, 1994)

Ryder & Ashe, The Fiduciary, the Insider and the Conflict (Round Hall Press, Dublin, 1995)

Sanfey and Holohan, Bankruptcy Law and Practice in Ireland (Round Hall Press, Dublin, 1991)

Ercus Stewart, Arbitration Commentary and Sources (FirstLaw, Dublin, 2004)

Michael Twomey, Partnership Law (Butterworths, Dublin, 2000) 

Usher & O'Connor, Doing Business in Ireland (Matthew Bender, 1989) (looseleaf)

Fidelma White, Commercial Law (Thomson Round Hall, Dublin, 2003)
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Commercial Law Practitioner 
[Tables of contents:  www.periodicals.irlii.org ]
Irish Business Law 
Irish Business Law Quarterly
- see www.claruspress.ie/IBLQ.html
Irish Financial Services Law Journal  
Technology and Entertainment Law Journal
Irish Intellectual Property Law Review, 1997-1999
Irish Insurance Law Review, 1997-1999

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Electronic Material:

Oasis.gov.ie - Irish Government Online Information Portal, including summaries of law  
BASIS - Irish Government Information Services for Business, including summaries of law

Uberrima Fides - Insurance Law
(Fergus O'Rourke)
Partnership Law (Michael Twomey)
Department of Enterprise, Trade & Employment
Office of Director of Consumer Affairs
European Consumer Information Centre
Consumers' Association of Ireland
Competition Authority   
Irish Centre for Commercial Law Studies 
eBusiness Legislation Portal   
Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority
Competition Press
Recent Developments in Irish Commercial Law (from the Centre for Commercial Law , London)
Copyright Association of Ireland

Are Irish Lawyers Anti-Competitive? By Kieron Wood

Some Legislation:

Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980 (Bailii)
Electronic Commerce Act 2000 (Oireachtas)
Competition Act 1991 (Bailii)
Competition (Amendment) Act 1996 (Bailii)
Consumer Information Act 1978 (Bailii)
Consumer Credit Act 1995 (Bailii)
European Communities (Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts) Regulations 1995 (Bailii)
Copyright Act 1963 (Bailii)
Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000 (Bailii)
Patents Act 1992 (Bailii)
Trade Marks Act 1996 (Bailii)

Some Case Law:

Leading Irish Cases - Commercial Law (Irlii)
Leading Irish Cases - Banking (Irlii) 
Leading Irish Cases - Insurance (Irlii)
Leading Irish Cases - Intellectual Property Law (Irlii)

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