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Some Publications and Newspaper Articles by Dr Darius Whelan


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Mental Health Law and Practice: Civil and Criminal Aspects. Dublin: Round Hall, 2009
Information and Table of Contents at

Book Chapters

'The Bloody Sunday Tribunal Video Simulation' In: James Elkins (ed.), Visual Practices across the University. Paderborn: Wilhelm Fink Verlag, 2007
Full text at
'The Criminal Law (Insanity) Act 2006' In: T.J. McIntyre, Keith Spencer and Darius Whelan, Criminal Legislation Annotated 2006-2007. Dublin: Thomson Round Hall, 2008
'Introduction' In: Daly, Bart (ed.) Handbook of Irish Case Law 1989.
'Introduction' In: Daly, Bart (ed.) Student Law Reporter 1990.

Journal Articles

'The Criminal Law (Insanity) Act 2010' Irish Current Law Statutes Annotated, 2012 R.135 40-01
Ryan, Sarah and Whelan, Darius 'Diversion of Offenders with Mental Disorders: Mental Health Courts' (2012) 1 Web Journal of Current Legal Issues 1
Full text at
'Can the Right to Personal Liberty be Interpreted in a Paternalistic Manner? : Cases on the Mental Health Act 2001' (2011-2012) Irish Human Rights Law Review.
Full text at
'The Criminal Law (Insanity) Act 2006' (2006) Irish Current Law Statutes Annotated R.113 11-01
'Fitness for Trial in the District Court: The Legal Perspective' (2007) 2 Judicial Studies Institute Journal 124
Full text at
'Mental Health Tribunals: A Significant Medico-Legal Change' (2004) 10 Medico-Legal Journal of Ireland 84
Full text at
'The existence or non-existence of an enforceable contract for the sale of land: the Statute of Frauds revisited' (2001) 8 Commercial Law Practitioner 103
'Fitness to Plead and Insanity in the District Court' (2001) 11(2) Irish Criminal Law Journal 2
'Some Procedural Aspects of Insanity Cases' (2001) 11(3) Irish Criminal Law Journal 3
'Internet Discussion Groups for Lawyers' (2000) 5 Bar Review 515
'Lawyers and the Internet' (1996) 14 Irish Law Times 212
'Criminal Charges against Mental Patients' (1995) 5 Irish Criminal Law Journal 67


Kilcommins, Shane, McClean, Emma, McDonagh, Maeve, Mullally, Siobhán and Whelan, Darius, Extending the Scope of Employment Equality Legislation: Comparative Perspectives on the Prohibited Grounds of Discrimination. Stationery Office, Dublin, 2004 Full text at

Book Review

Review of Penelope Kent's Law of the European Union (1997) 31 Law Teacher 149

Electronic Article

Guide to Irish Law (2010) at New York University Globalex site - at

Newspaper Articles

'Courts Set Stage for Internet Debate', Sunday Business Post, 8 May 2011
'A Justifiable Move', Irish Examiner, 19 June 2007
'Major New Mental Health Law Long Awaited', Irish Times, 15 November 2006
'Companies Need Clear Internet Use Policy', Irish Times, 31 May 2004
'Chance to Put Right the Flaws in Insanity Laws', Irish Times, 30 April 2003
'Moving Statutes Captured on Disk', Irish Times, 1 February 1999
'Legacy of Unresolved Legal Issues on Mental Health', Irish Times, 4 November 1998
'Farmers Who Grass to Competition Authority Could Open Floodgates', Sunday Business Post, 15 February 1998
'Judging Complex Psychology with Antiquated Set of Rules', Irish Times, 22 January 1993
'Judges Must Walk Delicate Line in Making Decision to Go Public', Irish Times, 10 April 1992


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