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Dr Darius Whelan,
Senior Lecturer in Law,
University College, Cork,

Tel. +353-21-490 3452
E-Mail or

Feel free to e-mail me with requests for references to websites on a topic, but note that as I am a lecturer in law I do not give legal advice to clients.  If you wish to contact a solicitor see the Practitioners page.

B.C.L., University College Dublin, 1986,
Barrister at Law Degree, King's Inns, Dublin, 1988,
LL.M. thesis on The Comparative Method and Reform, University College Dublin, 1990,
Ph.D. thesis on Criminal Procedure and Mental Health, Trinity College Dublin, 1999

Previously lectured at Waterford IT, 1989-92 and IT Tallaght, 1992-7 and 1999-2001.

Some Publications, Papers, Reviews and Newspaper Articles


The Comparative Method and Law Reform, LL.M. Thesis (1988)

World Debating Championships, UCD, 1987

Dr Darius Whelan

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