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Guidelines used in moderation of the IrishLaw list are available at
If a message is forwarded to the list by a moderator, that does not indicate that the moderator approves of the message content or is in any way responsible for that content.

IrishLaw members who post messages to the list are not legally responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in those messages. Professional legal advice should be sought before any action should be taken based on information contained in an IrishLaw message.

Neither the moderators, the members, their employers, the Higher Education Authority, HEAnet, any educational institution, any public or private body, any Internet Service Provider nor any other corporation, body, association, person or persons are responsible in any way for any injury, loss or damage, whether due to negligence or otherwise, resulting from the IrishLaw web site, the IrishLaw mailing list, any archives of IrishLaw messages, any messages written by members or non-members of the IrishLaw list or any related activities.

The IrishLaw site and e-mail lists are non-commercial activities run on a voluntary basis for the benefit of Internet users and all users of these resources should bear this in mind in their use.

Any links provided in the IrishLaw site or on IrishLaw e-mail lists are provided for information purposes only.  IrishLaw does not endorse or support or accept any liability for activities at other sites.  IrishLaw acknowledges that copyright in linked sites rests with the owners of those sites and we attempt to acknowledge external site ownership as much as possible in our site design, e.g. by placing the site owners' names in brackets after the link where appropriate.

All users of the Irish Law site and related e-mail lists must have up-to-date virus checking in place on their computers and networks.

Contents of the IrishLaw site are copyright 1994-2013 and may not be reproduced without express written permission.   Links to the IrishLaw site home page may be placed on any website without permission, provided it is clear that the IrishLaw site is external to the site placing the link.  We would appreciate notification of all links to the IrishLaw site for our information.


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