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Irish Law - Legislation

Irish Legislation:

Acts 1922 to date (Bailii)
Revised Acts (Law Reform Commission)
Statutory Instruments (Bailii)
Acts 1999 to date (Irlii)
Selected Statutory Instruments 1999 to date (Irlii)
Acts and SIs 1922 to date (Attorney General's office) 
Legislation Directory (noting amendments to Acts) (Attorney General's office)
Acts 1997 to date (Oireachtas)
Irish Proposed Legislation: Bills 1997 to date (Oireachtas)
Classified List of Legislation from 1922 to Date (Law Reform Commission) 

Northern Irish Legislation:

Northern Ireland Legislation (Bailii)
Northern Irish Legislation (legislation.gov.uk)

Extract from Guide to Irish Law:

Primary Legislation: Acts of the Oireachtas

Approximately forty Acts of the Oireachtas are passed each year. These are available in print from the Government Publications Office - see contact details on the Irish Legal Publishers page.

In electronic form, there are various sources:


Secondary Legislation: Statutory Instruments

Most subordinate legislation is made by Government Ministers under powers conferred on them by Acts. Approximately 500 pieces of subordinate legislation are passed per year. Electronic access is provided at the following sites:

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