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Legal Issues in Software and Multimedia

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Legal Issues in Software and Multimedia


Organised by
Licensing Executives Society
Irish Interactive Multimedia Association

Wednesday 29 May 1996
2 pm to 5.30 pm

The Seminar

In the past few years the once stable world of intellectual property has been shaken by new developments in electronic technology and communications. Electronic media can now make perfect copies of images, sounds and published material and transmit them from another country in minutes. The traditional protection offered to inventors, designers, writers, photographers and others, through the patent system and national copyright laws, has had to be re-examined. Changes are being considered at EU and international level which will affect new and existing businesses.

Many people in business have a peripheral view that they may be affected by these developments but are unsure of the possible risks or advantages. The seminar will address the impact of the coming changes for Irish firms and individuals involved in intellectual property and looks at the steps people can take now to protect the products of their creative effort.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who produces original works which may be copied and/or transmitted in digital electronic form, and their advisors. This includes

The Speakers

James Bridgeman is a Dublin based barrister with a special interest in licensing. He lectures and writes on multimedia and Intellectual Property.

Paul Durrant is Managing Director of Multimedia Technologies Ireland Ltd., which was established by the Government to assist multimedia development. He has a wide knowledge of the day to day problems faced by Irish companies dealing with information technology.
MTI Ltd web site: http://www.mti.ul.ie

Ben Goodger is a leading UK expert on the legal protection of multimedia products. A partner in the Oxford based law practice of Dallas Brett, he is Chairman of an LES standing committee on software and multimedia.
Dallas Brett web site: http://seamless.seamless.com//dallas


The Conference Centre,
Dublin 9,

Forbairt web site: http://www.forbairt.ie


2.00 Registration

2.15 Session One: An Overview of Recent Developments
Covering multimedia and software with an introduction to some legal areas being affected by changes in information technology.
James Bridgeman

2.45 Session Two: Practical Problems Reports on practical difficulties being experienced by companies operating in the information business.
Paul Durrant

3.15 Coffee Break

3.45 Session Three: The Internet, Problems and (Possible) Solutions
An analysis of the complex challenges raised by trading on the Internet and a discussion on how these might be resolved.
Ben Goodger

4.45 Session Four: Questions and Answers
Chairperson: Frank Murray, LES

5.30 Close


The fee is IR45 per person.
For members of LES and IIMA there is a reduced fee of IR35 per person.


The Licensing Executives Society, Britain and Ireland is part of LES International, an association of professionals in licensing and technology transfer. World-wide, LES has more than 6,000 members in over 66 countries. The largest membership is in the USA and there are 600 members in the Britain and Ireland Chapter. Frank Murray, of Forbairt, is the current Chairman of the Irish section.
LES International web site: http://www.lesi.org


The Irish Interactive Multimedia Association is a society for those involved in, or interested, in multimedia. Members are drawn from multimedia development companies, educational institutes and corporate users of multimedia. Earlier this year IIMA combined with ITBTA (Irish Technology Based Training Association) and now has a total of 80 members.

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For general background, contact Frank Murray, Forbairt, Tel. +353-1- 609 2140

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