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Irish Referendum on Divorce - 24 November 1995

The Divorce Referendum has been carried

The court challenge to the result of the divorce referendum has failed in the High Court.
The challenge also failed on appeal to the Supreme Court (12 June 1996)

The Family Law (Divorce) Act 1996 was signed by the President on 27 November 1996.
It came into force three months after its passage, on 27 February 1997.
How to obtain a copy of the Family Law (Divorce) Act 1996

Some books are now available on divorce in Ireland. For further details, click here.

See also the web site of Kieron Wood, Barrister-at-Law which includes pages on the following topics:
The Divorce Act - Simplified
Divorce Paperwork

In January 1997 a terminally ill man applied for a divorce in advance of the 27 February deadline, basing his claim on the existence of the constitutional amendment rather than on the Act. It was not clear whether the court would be willing to grant him this divorce, but the divorce was granted.

Here is the news as reported on Fri. 18 January 1997 from http://www.rte.ie/aertel/ :

"The High Court has this morning granted the first divorce in this country since the 1995 referendum which amended the Constitution to allow divorce.

The judgement was read out behind closed doors. The case was heard in camera on Wednesday at the request of senior counsel for both parties.

The application was brought by a man in his 50s who is believed to be seriously ill and has been separated from his wife for a number of years."

Divorce - Hanafin appeal lost (June 1996)
Irish Court Dismisses Anti-Divorce Bid (High Court decision)
Divorce Referendum carried

Cases for and against the Amendment (prepared by Ad Hoc Commission on Referendum Information).

Information Booklet from Department of Equality and Law Reform

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