Irish Law Updates

Friday, January 07, 2005

BAILII citations and hyperlinks to Sup Ct cases

A message from John Mee of UCC Law Department:

Dear all

In a previous email I mentioned that the Courts Service had agreed to
adopt the BAILII ( convention for vendor neutral citations of
Irish cases and BAILII had agreed to renumber its Supreme Court cases for
the years 2001 to 2004 (older cases are not affected). This renumbering has
now been done and will require adjustments to be made by anyone who has set
up hyperlinks to Supreme Court cases in the relevant years. We apologise for
any inconvenience caused. It is BAILII's policy to keep the web addresses of
cases fixed - it is only when a court comes around to adopting vendor
neutral citations that a once-off adjustment is necessary.
You can find the new url for a Sup Ct case by using the search facility we
have set up at
Alternatively, you can find the new url on BAILII itself, by going to and finding the case alphabetically or by date.
The web address for each case is based on the IESC citation. For example,
McG v F [2001] IESC 2 is at The
web addresses for all Sup Ct cases follow this pattern, ie followed by the year of the citation followed
by the number followed by ".html".
(Note that in a few instances BAILII has Sup Ct cases not on
the Courts Service site. Such cases do not yet have an official vendor
neutral citation and we have given them a number in a separate sequence
beginning with 200 to indicate that the numbers are unofficial).

Yours sincerely

John Mee
Law Dept UCC