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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Another James Joyce Copyright Case

Many people will be aware of cases concerning copyright in James Joyce's works such as
Sweeney v. NUI Cork T/A Cork University Press [2000] IEHC 70 and Sweeney v. MacMillan Publishers [2001] EWHC Ch 460.
In 2004, a brief amendment to the Copyright legislation was passed due to concerns about possible litigation concerning Joyce's works. See the Copyright and Related Rights (Amendment) Act 2004 and Matthew Rimmer, "Bloomsday: Copyright Estates and Cultural Festivals", (2005) 2:3 SCRIPT-ed 345.

Lawrence Lessig now reports that a case filed in the Californian courts concerning James Joyce's works has been settled, with the academic author, Professor Carol Shloss, being enabled to publish a supplement to her book on Lucia Joyce. The supplement may be published in print form within the United States and in electronic form "accessible only within the United States to computers with a U.S. Internet Protocol (I.P.) address." So we Europeans will have to hop on an Aer Lingus flight if we want to look at the site. For those of you currently in the U.S.A., go to

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'An Important Victory For Carol Shloss, Scholarship And Fair Use'

Settlement Agreement

Press Release from Stanford University



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