Bohrium - Bh 107

Bohrium - Bh, is a transition metal element, found in Group VIIb of the periodic table.



Bohrium was first made in 1981 by Peter Armbruster, Gottfried Munzenberg and co-workers at the GSI in Darmstadt, Germany. The German discoverers at GSI proposed the name Nielsbohrium (symbol Ns) after Niels Bohr. IUPAC are happy to name an element after Bohr but suggest bohrium (Bh) on the grounds that the first name of a person does not appear in the names of any other element named after a person. This seems to have been accepted by all concerned.


A transuranium element, is a radioactive metal which does not occur naturally, only a few atoms of bohrium have ever been made, and it will probably never be isolated in observable quantities This is because bohrium decays very rapidly through the emission of a-particles and is of research interest only. Created by the so-called "cold fusion" method, in which a target of bismuth is bombarded with atoms of chromium.

The first atoms were made via a nuclear reaction, the cold fusion method:
                                                 209Bi + 54Cr 262Bh + n

Other isotopes have been made .

                                                            249Bk + 22Ne 266Bh + 51n

                                                            249Bk + 22Ne 267Bh + 41n

In this work, it appears bohrium forms the oxychloride BhClO3.


A synthetic element created via nuclear bombardment, few atoms have ever been made and the properties of bohrium are very poorly understood. 


It has no uses.

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