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Hi All, I would like to personally welcome you to the Website of the 35th session of UCC Young Fine Gael Society. YFG is the largest and most dominant political society in UCC and is the only vehicle for young people to seek political change in this country. As an autonomous youth organisation, we have the advantage of embodying the values of the senior Party, while maintaining the independence to express our own views focusing on youth issues. Events are held every week and new members are always welcome. Joining UCC YFG gives you an opportunity to get more out of your time in University. You will get to meet new people from various courses as well as attending our regular socials, branch debates and visits to locations such as Dáil Eireann, Stormount and The European Union in Brussels. You can meet first hand many senior Fine Gael politicians through attending conferences as well as contributing towards YFG Policy Development. The Alfred O'Rahilly UCC branch has a rich history of former members including Senator Colm Burke, who founded the branch in 1978. Since then, the branch has grown to be a strong voice for young people in advocating radical change to Government policies and demanding a new vision of a modern Ireland. Over the coming years the nation will face fundamental changes to our institutions, state and economy. It is the duty of Young Fine Gael to ensure that the promises of the 2011 election are upheld and executed. Our debates over the coming months will focus on our position in Europe, our social values and how our economy can be given a sustainable footing while protecting the most vulnerable. Naturally, no year is complete without the exciting YFG National Conference. This years conference will be held in February 2012 and will contain enthusiasm, ideas and socials into the late hours of the morning, not to be missed. UCC Young Fine Gael is far from just a political debating society, our society has an unrivalled social calendar allowing members to network and create friends across Ireland. Come along to any UCC YFG event in 2012 and you will see why our society attracts large numbers at our events along with having the best parties each and every year. New members are always welcome and encouraged to get involved! I look forward to meeting you all over the coming months! Regards, Tadhg O'Donovan Auditor, The 35th Session of UCC Young Fine Gael

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