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LibrarianMr John FitzGerald
OfficeLibrary Admin, Ground Floor, Boole Library.
Phone+353 21 490 2281
Fax+353 21 490 3119
PostalBoole Library, University College, Cork, Ireland

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Boole Library

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The Library supports and develops scholarship, teaching and research at University College Cork through identifying and providing efficient access to appropriate information resources and services.

  1. To satisfy undergraduate scholarship needs by providing access to library services and facilities and by developing life long skills in the retrieval and exploitation of information.
  2. To support teaching at all levels through direct liaison with academic departments, both in planning for and servicing the information needs thereof.
  3. To support research and consultancy activities sponsored by UCC by anticipating and satisfying the need for prompt information access and delivery.
  4. To keep abreast of new developments and innovations in information provision and to exploit these on behalf of the staff and students of UCC.
  5. To assist in the advancement of knowledge and ideas by stimulating the development of resource provision and by establishing andsustaining national and international links with strategic information resources.
  6. To provide facilities and support for the professional development of library and other UCC staff.
  7. To provide a healthy and pleasant environment for staff and users of the library.
  8. To play an active role in recording the social and cultural activities of the Munster region.

Home page: http://booleweb.ucc.ie (Webmaster)

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