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The word peritia means `skill, expertise, knowledge' and in Hiberno-Latin it means `historical knowledge', Irish senchas. In the case of Ireland, Peritia sees the vernacular and Latin traditions, usually separated by disciplinary boundaries, as expressions of a single cultural entity. It publishes on all medieval periods but it has tended to concentrate on the earlier middle ages and has devoted very considerable space to law, hagiography, palaeography, computistics, institutional history, literary history, and art and archaeology.

Editor: Professor Donnchadh Ó Corráin, MA DLitt MRIA. Department of History, University College Cork (Ireland). Email:

Review Editor: Dr Dáibhí Ó Cróinín, MPhil PhD MRIA. School of History, University College Galway (Ireland). Email:

Peritia is published by Brepols, Steenweg op Tielen, B-2300 Turnhout, Belgium.

Consultative Committee

G. W. S. Barrow, Edinburgh; Hans Bekker-Nielsen, Odense; Peter Brown, Berkeley; Francis John Byrne, Dublin; A. A. M. Duncan, Glasgow; Jacques Fontaine, Paris-Sorbonne; W. H. C. Frend, Glasgow; A. Gieysztor, Warsaw; Louis Holtz, Paris; Maurice Keen, Oxford; John V. Kelleher, Harvard; Máirtín Mac Conmara, Dublin; Wolfgang Meid, Innsbruck; Paul Meyvaert, Cambridge MA; J. J. O'Meara, Dublin; Friedrich Prinz, Munich; Roger E. Reynolds, Toronto; P. H. Sawyer, Trondheim; David Wilson, London; Herwig Wolfram, Vienna.

The Medieval Academy of Ireland is an organization of medievalists devoted to the advancement of medieval studies in the broadest sense of that term, including history, languages, law, archaeology, and ancillary disciplines.

Inquiries about membership should be addressed to:

Medieval Academy of Ireland,
c/o Department of History,
University College Cork,

Peritia is a journal devoted to Irish and Insular medieval studies as seen in the context of the European middle ages and the heritage from antiquity, and to European medieval studies generally. It is published yearly.

Peritia is a refereed journal and has an open-door policy: anybody may submit an article for consideration for publication.

Unsolicited reviews are not accepted.

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