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From: Gavin Posted on: Tue Mar 16 17:48:41 2004

Oooooh, does this mean I get to do hair and makeup aswell? You know my ability to strut in stilletos is legendary

Right lads

From: Tom Posted on: Tue Mar 16 17:56:20 2004

Now about this whole ball thingy.........i reckon the whole damn thing is the way go after all if you do something you do it properly!


From: Rry Posted on: Tue Mar 16 18:08:11 2004

Mitra, spreading rumours???

Yip the ball will be fantastic and anyone that wants to see an almighty spectacle tomorrow can come to the partricks day parade and watch ME marching in my army uniform (sexy as hell) and my power inducing rifle

(They only let us out once a year)


From: Gavin Posted on: Tue Mar 16 18:28:44 2004

No, I think I'll go cringe in a comfortingly black hole away from all the orange haired leprechauns and worryingly green beer.

Knock 'em Dead though Rory. (shouldn't say that, and you with a rifle Are those things loaded, by the way? )


From: Karen Posted on: Tue Mar 16 18:52:39 2004

Are we still up for our "power-hour" of climbing tonight?


From: john c Posted on: Tue Mar 16 19:41:03 2004

right people, I'm outa here, Invite still open to anyone who wants to go to 9.00 showing of Elephant in the Kino.
catch ye all later.


From: Gavin Posted on: Wed Mar 17 11:33:24 2004

Lá Féile Pádraig Shona Dóibh!!!!!!!!

Is anyone else around today or am I all alone on campus. I'm wearing a green shirt just for the day that's in it so if anyne wants to check it out (or go for coffee ect ) leave a message here for me.

Also, I am SO definitely going to the Clubs Ball. Fingers crossed for Club of The Year


From: Susie Posted on: Wed Mar 17 12:22:20 2004

From Kino:New this week.... ELEPHANT the multi-award winning film from Gus Van Sant won both the Palme D'or and Best Director at Cannes last year and is a film that takes us inside an American high School on what appears to be an ordinary day. Except it's not. Van Sant comes into new terrain, working with actual high school students to create a portrait of teenagers in today's volatile world. Elephant unfolds on an ordinary day, filled with class work, football, gossip and socialising. Bold and controversial Van Sant has successfully created a brooding masterpiece that is thought provoking and challenging. Elephant opens this Friday and plays at 2.00,4.00 & 9.20pm...........

That sound Cool!!


From: Susie Posted on: Wed Mar 17 12:23:32 2004

did you get the brown envelope(without envelope!)??

Elephant on tonight!!

From: Susie Posted on: Wed Mar 17 12:25:41 2004

it started last friday...sorry if i confused people!

Clubs and Socs Ball

From: Helen Posted on: Wed Mar 17 12:30:58 2004

The official scoop on the ball is that the club has been nominated for NOT ONE......NOT TWO......BUT THREE awards! We are up for
1. Best Club
2. Best Website (go on Bryan and Barry!)
3. Gavin for Fresher of the Year

Full Ball tickets are €30 available from the PE Office. (We could only get cheap ones for the committee, sorry guys!)

I was gonna suggest some drinks in my place beforehand as I am just across the river from Jury's. Shall we say about 7ish? Does that interfere with your girly getting ready plans Mitra? I have mirrors (and a plethora of make up/curling tongs/eyelash curlers (??), Hey I am a Med girl after all!) in my place too if you wanna get ready there or just come to my place later.....I live at 6 Fishermans Wharf (big black gates opposite Galvins off license/Kino on Washington Street) . My number is 086 3602672 Bring a few drinkies!!!!!


From: Gavin Posted on: Wed Mar 17 12:54:38 2004

Yes, thanks Susie I did get "The Package" in the brown envelope that had no envelope

Is that invite for girls only Helen or can the laddies come aswell. God knows I might even have a few makeup tips up my sleeve
We could straighten each other's hair..... Hell, I'd be up for it

You know the whole concept of Black Tie? Does that mean White shirt is mandatory? I presume dinner waistcoats are allowable....

Happy Paddy's Day

From: Karen Posted on: Wed Mar 17 14:12:15 2004

Any idea what the story is about afters tickets for the ball?

Clubs and Socs Ball

From: Helen Posted on: Wed Mar 17 14:24:36 2004

Everybody is welcome! Bring a few drinks bout 7ish and we can all get nice and tiddly before we head over to Jury's

If you're bored...

From: Karen Posted on: Wed Mar 17 15:03:45 2004

Cubicle 6 on Q+2.

Always grateful for to be rescued!


From: john c Posted on: Wed Mar 17 15:04:24 2004

Happy saint patricks day all,
3 nominations , non to shabby!!
Are there people going to the gateway 2nite??
In the interest of fairness and the emotional well being of all I'd like to say all our freshers are freshers of the year.

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From: john c Posted on: Wed Mar 17 15:07:02 2004

Karen i would come get ya but I'm at home racking up the folks phone bill

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!

From: jackie Posted on: Wed Mar 17 16:30:14 2004

ooh rory rory as hell

haha, mr. carroll you are too thoughtful...and diplomatic!! how was the film?

hey, was actually pondering straightening MY hair sometime in near future....apparently it makes me look quite 'asian'...right, what am i, south african???


From: john c Posted on: Wed Mar 17 17:30:02 2004

I try my best jackie and in that respect i'm gonna say nothing about your south african heritage in case i offend you!!!!

The film is definatly worth seeing.i'm still pondering about what happened in i suppose thats a pretty good sign....the long tracking shots did piss me off a bit at times but you get used to it and kind of appreciate it a bit more towards the end. I better shut up before Karen drives out to give out to me...... dont worry Karen I wont give anything away.... apart from that one scene when the giant blue aliens were eating the marching band and they all saved by Christopher Reeves..super!!!! joking karen joking

Helen: dont worry bout it , its covered.

oh yah , the times for Elephant are different to what susie said... theres showings at 5 and 9pm now


From: Rry Posted on: Thu Mar 18 09:11:42 2004

Thanks for the compliment jackie, I do try Took nearly all of my self control when I heard 'I know that guy, ROOORY'

Well thats my fifteen minutes (except it did seem to go on for quite a bit longer) of fame for the year. By the way, no the guns weren't loaded, they don't trust us that much yet but the guys with the orange 'shoot me' bibs have plenty of ammo to go roound

Three awards sounds fairly good, are we the best club or what. Definitely up for a bit of a pre-ball get together helen, as long as mitra doesn't take too long with my hair

pre ball grooming issues...

From: martha Posted on: Thu Mar 18 09:33:17 2004

right,who has a hair straightener? whoever does,i need ye on friday evening!!!!helen,you're a med girl you,ve got to have one tucked away under all your stilletos and mini skirts???


From: marthus maximus Posted on: Thu Mar 18 09:38:11 2004

also,are we all on for luncheon today at 2?????


From: Don Carrllion Posted on: Thu Mar 18 09:53:07 2004

you can be assured Martha that i wil be there. soup, bread roll and pack of crisps mmmm ¤1.70 mmmmm


From: Mike Posted on: Thu Mar 18 10:03:12 2004

¤1:70 for all of that? WHere?


From: Don Carrllion Posted on: Thu Mar 18 10:49:23 2004

in the main, its feicin amazin isnt it...


From: Ciaran 2 Posted on: Thu Mar 18 11:24:29 2004

You don't want to do that Rory, in my experience you don't want to be within 20 miles of 10 girls getting ready to go to the ball!! [how many people did I just offend?]

I presume this is a tux affair, my trusty suit just won't cut it?


From: john c Posted on: Thu Mar 18 11:34:50 2004

I think we should scoff at such formal stuffy traditions... Powerstrech/fleece and dryflow all the way.... and a little bow tie just to give that little extra bit of class


From: marthus maximus Posted on: Thu Mar 18 11:40:53 2004

its true,irls getting ready for balls are scary beings...but its all worth it when we make our dazzling least thats the plan..........

ciaran 2,dont know about the suit,but shiny shoes are definitely a requisite

Oh Dear

From: Declan Posted on: Thu Mar 18 12:50:13 2004

Oh dear jezzzusss! I think the sugar crash is finally hitting, and oh dear god it is not good!!

Returning officers of the club, UNITE!

From: Bryan Posted on: Thu Mar 18 13:08:21 2004

Rightio lads, for everyone who's interested, there's now a page on the website (in the archives section) explaining how the
votes are counted. So when all ye election hopefuls are wondering exactly why the hell myself and Steve are taking so long on the night to call the result, it's because we're working off this. I hope the committee have that powerpoint jobby all set up!

Basically the system is Proportional Representation by Single Transferable Vote (PR-STV) as used in the elections of Seanad Éireann


From: dave Posted on: Thu Mar 18 13:10:45 2004

am i on the right message board all there is stuff bout hair straigteners, make-up ,eyelash curlers ( they got to be painful) and other ball malarkey
ok fair enough we are the coolest club ever and the ball is gonna be quality but get over it


From: Ciaran 2 Posted on: Thu Mar 18 13:18:26 2004

Yes so more in keeping with the traditions of the club is anyone going for a drink beforehand while they're all off getting hair-straightened and made-up?!


From: dave Posted on: Thu Mar 18 13:23:10 2004

yeah probly well see what happens


From: mitra Posted on: Thu Mar 18 13:24:45 2004

Helen, pre getting ready of sorts at your place sounds grrrrrrrrreat!!!! i get out of class at 5 anyways so that would be way easier!!! is everyone just goin to the afters? am i the only one who is goin to the whole thing?

Dave: some things in life just can't be escaped, even in the mountaineering club!


From: dave Posted on: Thu Mar 18 13:27:03 2004

i reckon were going to the whole shebang
if its worth doing its worth doing right
and dont forget the shiny shoes polished 14 times that morning


From: Mitra and Jenn Posted on: Thu Mar 18 13:29:51 2004

Ok so we JUST bought our tickets!!!!! PRINCE WILLIAM HERE WE COME!!!! wooo hoooo

here is the plan:

Friday May 21------------- head to dublin, spend night there and drink!
Saturday May 22--------- chill in big Dub and drink more, leave for Edinburgh
flight 818 leaving at 19:20 arrives 20:20 (ryan air)
may 22-may26------------- kicking, looking for the prince, leave for dublin
flight 815 leaving edinburgh 11:05 arrives in dublin 12:05 (ryan air)
PRICE : was ¤47 each for the flights!!!!!!!!! woo hooo!

let me know if you wanna join 0872278273 (mitra)


From: dave Posted on: Thu Mar 18 13:41:16 2004

bryan i just finised reding that voting thingymajig and it all seems correct im sure yourself and steve are sure of what your doing (i hope)


From: marthus maximus Posted on: Thu Mar 18 13:51:10 2004

we're so going to the whole thing Mitra and yep,getting ready in Helen's house sounds good,i love inviting myself along to stuff!!!!


From:   Posted on: Thu Mar 18 13:55:17 2004

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From: john c Posted on: Thu Mar 18 13:56:55 2004

I'm not even gonna try and read that bryan but shamooo all the same.


From: Ciaran 2 Posted on: Thu Mar 18 14:12:29 2004

As long as we outshine the canoeing club, that's all I'm asking for...

Reading that voting stuff now sounds interesting.


From: emer Posted on: Thu Mar 18 15:11:50 2004

ahhhh hello there....emer is the name and i would like to climb mountains...indeed...but everytime i go to the website to see where the next walk is im too late ye dont seem to provide information as to where the next walk is until its too late always a week behind anywya twood be great if someone could tell me where yere heading off to this sunday thats the 21st of march i have never really done this before so i dont know if its possible for me to come .....anyway if someone could let me know that would be great...hope ye all enjoyed paddys day over and out...


From: dave Posted on: Thu Mar 18 15:26:04 2004

hiya emer next weeks walk is the last one of the year and is one of the hardest and im not sure how accesible it would be to beginners normally we would have a short/moderate group but due to distance covered i dont think this is possible
as to details of the walks being announced the site is updated every monday or tuesday also theres a dayhike every sunday of term anyway


From: dave Posted on: Thu Mar 18 15:27:46 2004

oh yeah jc do ya still need to use the printers in the kane basement cos ya can login as me if you want


From: marthus maximus Posted on: Thu Mar 18 15:28:30 2004

we're going to the ball!!!!!!!!!!

not that i'm bothered or whatever................


From:   Posted on: Thu Mar 18 15:29:23 2004

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From:   Posted on: Thu Mar 18 15:38:37 2004


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You only have to shave your face and neck.
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Your belly usually hides your big hips.
One wallet and one pair of shoes, one color, all seasons.
You can wear shorts no matter how your legs look.
You can "do" your nails with a pocketknife.
You have freedom of choice concerning growing a mustache.
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No wonder men are happier!


From: Bree Posted on: Thu Mar 18 15:47:08 2004

hey so this message is for those who aren't going to the ball tomorrow or are just going to the afters. I'll be 'pregaming' or drinking at my place around 8 30 to save some money on drink before going to the Franciscan Well. If you wanna come text me 086 063 8935.


From: Ciaran 2 Posted on: Thu Mar 18 15:48:17 2004

Actually as Emer mentioned above the date for next week's walk on the front page is wrong, it's the 21st! Although I suspect anyone who's going knows when it's on anyway... mind you it doesn't help our campaign to get website of the year!! [again]

The best way to get rid of worries is to let them die of neglect.

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