Information about TeX at UCC

This is a list of information about TeX, LaTeX and associated products. It is not a help system for writing documents using TeX. If you encounter any factual errors or omissions, please eMail them to: Please note that this service is still under construction and some parts are therefore incomplete.

Note the word `TeX' here includes TeX and LaTeX and all related software. Users should join the TeX Users Group to derive maximum benefit from TeX.

of the TeX system for new users
The list of Frequently-Asked Questions published in comp.text.tex
The Knuth Scholarship
Details of the current competition and how to apply
PC products
for MS-DOS and compatible computers
Mac products
for Apple Macintosh computers
UNIX products
for generic and specific UNIX versions
LaTeX systems, style files and macro packages (all computers)
Typefaces and programs to handle them
How to retrieve software from the TeX archives around the world
TEX and TUG News
Latest Information
from the comp.text.tex newsgroup