A-Level Entry Requirements

A-Level Entry Requirements

A-Level Entry Requirements

To matriculate on the basis of the GCE/GCSE examinations, an applicant must obtain passes at GCSE (Grade A, B, or C) or A-level in six recognised subjects according to Programme requirements with Grade C or better in two subjects at A-level (AE or BD is regarded as equivalent to two Grade Cs for this purpose). Students presenting subjects through a GCE/GCSE examination programme should check the National University of Ireland website to clarify which A-level subjects are mutually exclusive for matriculation purposes. UCC does not currently accept either Vocational or Applied subjects.

*Where OC= GCSE Level, Grade C; AC = A Level, Grade C

**Plus Selection Test/Interview

***Students must present AC in either a Laboratory Science subject, Mathematics or Applied Mathematics

****Plus HPAT-Ireland results

Fr - French; Ge - German; It - Italian; Ir - Irish; Sp - Spanish; La - Latin; Gr - Greek


A-Level Requirements

Programme English Other Language Maths Lab Science
CK101 Arts OC* OC    
CK102 Social Science OC OC    
CK103 Music** OC OC    
CK104 Arts-Music** OC OC    
CK105 Film and Screen Media OC OC    
CK106 Applied Psychology OC OC    
CK107 Geography & Archaeology OC OC    
CK108 Arts (International)  OC OC    
CK109 English OC OC    
CK110 World Languages OC AB    
CK111 Early Years & Childhood Studies OC OC    
CK112 Drama & Theatre Studies** OC OC    

CK113 Criminology

OC OC    
CK116 Sports Studies & Physical Education OC OC    
CK117 Economics (through Transformational Learning) OC OC    
CK201 Commerce OC OC OC  
CK202 Accounting OC OC OC  
CK203 Business Information Systems OC OC OC  
CK204 Finance OC OC OC  
CK205 Commerce International with French OC AC* French OC  
CK206 Commerce International with German OC AC Fr, Ge, It, Ir, Sp, La or Gr OC  
CK207 Commerce International with Italian OC AC Fr, Ge, It, Ir, Sp, La, or Gr OC  
CK208 Commerce International with Hispanic Studies OC AC Fr, Ge, It, Ir, Sp, La or Gr OC  
CK209 Commerce International with Irish OC AC Irish OC  
CK210 Government OC OC OC  
CK211 Commerce International with Chinese Studies OC AC Language other than English OC  
CK301 Law OC OC    
CK302 Law with French OC AC French    
CK304 Law with Irish OC AC Irish    
CK305 Law Clinical OC OC    
CK306 Law International OC OC    
CK401 Computer Science OC   OC  
>CK402 Biological & Chemical Sciences OC   OC/AC*** OC/AC***
CK404 Environmental & Earth System Sciences OC   OC/AC*** OC/AC***
CK405 Genetics OC   OC AC Biology
CK406 Chemical Sciences OC   OC/AC*** OC/AC***
CK407 Mathematical Sciences OC   AB  
CK408 Physics & Astrophysics OC   OC/AC*** OC/AC***
CK502 Food Marketing & Entrepreneurship OC   OC  
CK504 Nutritional Sciences OC   OC/AC*** OC/AC***
CK505 Food Science OC   OC/AC*** OC/AC***
CK506 International Development & Food Policy OC   OC  
CK601 Process & Chemical Engineering OC   AC OC
CK602 Civil & Environmental Engineering OC   AC OC
CK603 Energy Engineering OC   AC OC
CK605 Electrical & Electronic Engineering OC   AC OC
CK606 Architecture OC   OC  
CK701 Medicine**** OC OC OC AC Chem and either Physics or Biology
CK702 Dentistry OC OC OC AC Chem and either Physics or Biology
CK703 Pharmacy OC OC OC AC Chem and either Physics or Biology
CK704 Occupational Therapy OC OC OC AC
CK705 Speech & Language Therapy OC AC Language other than English OC AC
CK706 Public Health OC OC OC/AC*** OC/AC***
CK710 General Nursing OC   OC/AC*** OC***
CK712 Childrens & General Nursing (Integrated) OC   OC/AC*** OC/AC***
CK720 Psychiatric Nursing OC   OC/AC*** OC/AC***
CK730 Intellectual Disability Nursing OC   OC/AC*** OC/AC***
CK740 Midwifery OC   OC/AC*** OC/AC***
CR320 Biomedical Sciences OC OC OC AC
A2 LevelsPoints
A*  150
E 40


AS  Levels

A 65
B 60
C 50
D 35
E 20
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