* Summary and Outline of Recruitment Process for Research Funded Posts

Summary and Outline of Recruitment Process for Research Funded Posts

Effective from 1November, 2011 there is a requirement to advertise all research posts in accordance with University policy on the Recruitment of Research Funded Staff. A detailed description of the recruitment process for research funded posts is outlined below.

Selection & Appointment Process Actions Required

Step 1: 

Pre-advertising requirements 

The PI/grant holder should download complete and sign off a post proposal form (PF4), and obtain approval from Head of School or the Director of the Research Area and the Head of College and submit the fully signed form to HR.   The PI should refer to the University Policy on the Employment and Career Management Structure for Research Staff at the earliest possible stage, before advertising or making an appointment.

Please ensure that complete paperwork and advertisements reach the Human Resources Office at least two weeks in advance of start date.  Incomplete paperwork may result in a significant delay in publication of the advertisement.

 Step 2:

Advertise the post


The PI should submit a short advertisement to HR using the generic advertising template for the post.

The Research code does not need to be set up for advertising.

Posts will be advertised on the HR website for a minimum of one week. 

Applications are by way of a CV submitted directly to the PI.   The PI arranges interviews for the candidates.



Step 3:

Shortlisting & Interviewing  

The PI will manage the short-listing and interview process with a reduced board of assessors, (PI & at least one other individual who has knowledge of the post/research area). 

The PI should retain a record at local level of how decisions were made at short-listing and interview, in the event of a candidate requesting feedback.

The PI conducts a reference check on the candidate being nominated for appointment.

Following interview the PI advises unsuccessful candidates of the outcome. The PI can let the successful candidate know they have been recommended for appointment and that they will be contacted by HR regarding a formal offer of appointment.  Discussions on salary should not take place until the recommended salary has been fully approved in accordance with University Policy on Research Salary Guidelines.

Step 4:

Choose recommended candidate 

The PI completes a Research Recommendation for Appointment (20kB) to advise HR of the candidate to be appointed.  HR will obtain approval on funding from Research Accounts

Step 5:

Contract of Employment 

HR will draft and issue the Contract of Employment and forward the relevant information to the Payroll office and a copy to the PI.  The new employee will be issued with a staff ID card and staff number.


Contracts of Employment for new research staff

All Contracts of Employment for new research staff appointed from 1 November, 2011 will be issued centrally by the Department of Human Resources.

Contract Renewals for research staff

 HR has now commenced issuing contract renewals for research staff effective from January 2012. 



Presentation to PIs

Salaries for staff - Categories of Research Assistant and Research Support (14kB)

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