Want to be a part of a new & innovative start up project in the Irish Criminal Justice System?

Le Chéile

Empowering Youth Research Volunteer

 Le Chéile Empowering Youth Research Volunteer (352kB)

Le Chéile Empowering Youth Research Volunteer Application Form (86kB)

Le Chéile Mentoring & Youth Justice Support Services is recruiting an Empowering Youth Research Volunteer, based in Le Chéile’s Head Office in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin.

We are looking for someone from a Sociology/Youth & Community/Legal/Social Care background or other relevant discipline, who wants to gain workplace experience in this area.  The volunteer will gain research skills and experience in a brand new, innovative start up project in Ireland called Empowering Youth. 

This is a 3 month internship, one day a week or two mornings/afternoons.  We are happy to be flexible to accommodate holiday/academic commitments.Applicants must supply suitable character references and if successful, complete a Garda vetting application form.

The overall aim of this placement is to support the creation of Le Chéile’s First Network of Organisations Working with Social Issues in Ireland.

Role and Responsibilities:


1)      Carry out relevant external research to create a Network of Organisations Working with Social Issues in Ireland.


From this, contact and develop a database of social issues and organisations around each of Le Chéile’s projects in Cork, Waterford, Tipperary, Dublin, Wexford, Wicklow, Limerick, PortLaoise and Meath.


2)      Research and report on the current CSPE curriculum in the Junior Cycle and the new proposed changes to the curriculum.

3)      Develop a bank of resources for the Empowering Youth Programme including inspirational videos, images etc.


4)      Compose Empowering Youth related Facebook messages, tweets and help set up and develop a Le Chéile Empowering Youth Pinterest page.


5)      Compile a list of radio and TV programming schedules, regional and National Newspapers, Youth and Justice Magazines, and identify opportunities within these to promote Le Chéile’s Empowering Youth Programme.

Essential Requirements

  • Student or Graduate of Law, Sociology, Youth & Community, Social Care or other relevant discipline.
  • Good verbal communication skills.
  • Reliable, honest and hardworking.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Organised and high standards of written communication.

Desirable Requirements

  • A passion for and interest in exploring social issues.



In return, volunteers will receive an induction and ongoing formal and informal support from the Empowering Youth Project Manager.  There will be regular reviews, to assess progress and also to ensure that any learning objectives, the volunteer has identified, at the induction stage, are being met. 

Le Chéile’s Empowering Youth Programme is a start up project and will cover any out of pocket expenses incurred as a result of the role including transport costs to and from our office in Dun Laoghaire within the greater Dublin area as well as a monthly phone allowance for project related phonecalls.

For any informal queries about the Empowering Youth Project or the position please contact via e-mail to aoifew@lecheile.ie.  To apply, please return completed applications via e-mail or to Aoife Whitford Empowering Youth Project Manager, Le Cheile Mentoring & Youth Justice Support Services, 24 Tivoli Terrace South, Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin by 5pm on Monday the 16th of June 2014.  Interviews will take place on Friday the 20th of June with the position starting in Dublin the first week in July.

Le Chéile Empowering Youth Research Volunteer Application Form (86kB)

Le Chéile

Restorative Justice Project Worker

Job Description 2014

Note: Thank you for your interest in Le Chéile, please find Job Description for your information. Please note that a CV must be attached to this application and Shortlisting will apply.

Le Chéile Restorative Justice Worker June 2014 (516kB)

Le Chéile Application Form June 2014 (463kB)

Job Title:

Restorative Justice   Project Worker


Limerick & Surrounding Areas

Reporting to:

Le Chéile Southern Regional Manager

Closing Date:

Friday 13th   June 2014 by 1pm

Interviews will take   place:

Friday 27th   June 2014

Term of Contract:

3 Year Fixed Term Contract ( subject to available funding)

Applications can be emailed to:


Annual Salary



Background to Le Chéile & Restorative Justice in Limerick


Le Chéile Mentoring & Youth Justice Support Services ( Le Cheile)  was set up in 2005 to provide Services to Young People, families and communities under a range of orders as part of the Children Act 2001. Le Chéile is an innovative organisation which allows young people, parents and communities to avail of a range of services in the community. The Le Chéile Restorative Justice Project was established in Limerick City in 2010 to work with young people involved with Young Person Probation. The project is funded by the Office of Regeneration and Irish Youth Justice Services through Le Chéile. The Restorative Justice Project in Limerick aims to establish an effective model/framework for working restoratively with young people within the justice system.


The overall aim of the Restorative Justice Project is to contribute to the development of social cohesion and harmony within communities in Limerick and surrounding areas. Specific Goals Include: Reduce the incidence of youth crime and anti social behaviour, reduce fear of crime and to promote community safety

The project endeavours to work with all stakeholders offering a balanced approach to repairing the harm caused to victims, community and family members. This is carried out, by offering young people and victims of crime an opportunity to engage in a restorative approach. This initiative builds upon existing good practice in the area of challenging and preventing offending behaviour and draws upon some of the innovative practice developed nationally and internationally in regard to restorative approaches. This initiative   replicates and extends the methods used in family conferencing, victim offender mediation and reparation to bring about effective change amongst young offenders whilst building bridges with victims, other groupings within specific neighbourhoods and the wider community and thereby improve and enhance social cohesion and community safety.


Duties & Responsibilities


The Restorative Justice Project Worker will report to the Southern Regional manager and fulfil the following duties:


1. Work as part of Le Chéile and staff team, adhering to all policies, procedures and the ethos of Le Cheile.

  • Work within the ethos of Le Chéile.
  • Adhere to all policies and procedures as laid out by Le Chéile, and to report directly to the Southern Regional Manger
  • Work closely and communicate regularly with the Southern Regional Manager, relevant stakeholders and other referring agencies as required
  • Participate in Le Chéile team meetings and other duties as necessary

2. Inform, Support and Monitor young people, victims and family members (victims/ offender) through the Restorative Justice process to ensure completion of all contracts

  • Case work directly with young people going through the Restorative Justice process and assist them through the RJ Life Cycle
  • Ensure the Young Person, families and victims, going through the restorative process are fully informed and understands what is involved.
  • Ensure the restorative process is completed and that all stages of the process are monitored and documented
  • Ensure forms and paperwork are properly completed and maintain clear and complete records in each case file
  • Monitor and follow through on the completion of restorative contracts
  • Provide monthly updates to the  Southern Regional Manager
  • Support Volunteers on a one to one basis as required

3. Recruit, Train and Support Volunteers who will assist young people through the restorative process and ensure best practice throughout this process.  This will include training volunteers to support young people on reparation and also to participate in victims impact panels

  • Support the recruitment of RJ  volunteers for the project as required
  • Provide training and orientation to Restorative Justice Project volunteers
  • Provide support and advice to the volunteers during the RJ process as  required
  • Organise ongoing trainings for restorative justice volunteers as required
  • Deliver and facilitate RJ training to Community, Voluntary and Statutory sectors as required

4. Network and liaise with other agencies and stakeholders to promote and meet the needs of the project and client base.

  • Assist the Southern Regional Manager in promoting the RJ Project within Limerick
  • Assist the Southern Regional Manager in encouraging and supporting referrals from agencies
  • Support the Southern Regional Manager in presentations and meetings when required.
  • Communicate regularly with participants engaging in the restorative justice process
  • Assist in developing partnerships within the community to develop and promote RJ
  • Pro-actively promote and market the programme where and when necessary
  • Educate the community about Restorative Justice Principles as required.
  • Attend relevant community meetings

5. Assist in gathering information and conducting research on RJ in relation to the project. 

  • Submit restorative justice paperwork and records to the Southern Regional Manager as required
  • Assist the Southern Regional Manager in gathering and collating research on Restorative Justice Models and practices/ cases.
  • Identify and adhere to Restorative Justice international best practices
  • Perform other duties as required




Essential Requirements:

  • Degree in Youth and Community Work, Criminology, Education, Social Work, Psychology, Social Science or other related area
  • Two years experience of working with young people on a one to one basis.
  • Excellent organisational and communication skills.
  • Clean Driving License and own car.
  • Experience in facilitating group work programmes and trainings
  • Experience of working with and support volunteers.
  • Excellent computer skills


Desirable Requirements:

  • Experience in and understanding of Young Person’s Probation and Community Based Organisations
  • Excellent networking skills and the ability to liaise with the key players involved
  • Experience in recruiting and training volunteers.
  • Experience of working with Young People, Families and Victims in a  restorative setting
  • Experience and knowledge of restorative practices/ restorative justice.


Person Specification

Le Chéile are looking for a self starter with relevant experience in Youth and Restorative Justice, excellent organisational and networking skills and experience of working with young people who will be driven by promoting Restorative Justice & Practice in all aspects of their role.


Knowledge -Applicants should have proficient knowledge in the following areas:

  • Restorative justice theories and models
  • An understanding of the community justice system
  • Young People and Adolescent development
  • Adult Learning and community development

Skills -Applicants should be able to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Communication skills (written, verbal and listening)
  • Analytical and problem solving skills
  • Ability to devise and implement a one to one programs for young people and training programs for volunteers/ staff.
  • Decision making skills
  • Effective negotiation and mediation skills
  • Computer skills including the ability word-processing programs
  • Stress management skills
  • Excellent organisational, administrative and time management skills

Personal Attributes

  • Adhere to the goals and ethos of Le Chéile, Young Person’s Probation and Limerick Regeneration Agency
  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Respectful
  • Possess cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • Flexible
  • Must maintain strict confidentiality in performing their duties.

Le Chéile Application Form June 2014 (463kB)

Flexible hours are required including some evening and weekends. A time in lieu system is in operation


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