All students participating in the Erasmus+ programme are entitled to apply for an Erasmus grant. The Erasmus grant is intended as a contribution to the overall cost of the year abroad, to cover the cost of living differential associated with living abroad.  The grant will be calculated based on the total number of days at the host university rathen than total number of months.  During the academic year students will be required to submit certificates to UCC confirming date of arrival and date of departure.

The Erasmus grant  for the 2015/2016 academic year will be as follows:


Amounts per month / Academic year = 9 months  

Austria €250 Italy €250
Belgium €200 Lithuania €200
Czech Republic €200 Netherlands €200
Denmark €250 Norway €250
Finland €250 Portugal €200
France €250 Spain €200
Germany €200 Sweden €250
Iceland €200 UK €250


Students are required to provide their bank account details when completing the online application form.  Please see:2012-02-06 How do I apply?


The Erasmus grant will be lodged to students's bank accounts provided in the online application form submitted to the International office in April.  It is essential that the International Office be informed of any change in bank account details.  

It is expected that the Erasmus grant will be paid in three instalments as follows:

  • First payment in October (after completing of UCC online registration)
  • Second payment in March (after submission of required forms)
  • Final payment in July (after submission of required forms)

Updated information regarding the Erasmus grant payment will be emailed to all students during the academic year.


Local Authority Grant

If you are entitled to a local authority grant, this entitlement continues for the period of your stay abroad. Your local authority should be informed of your year abroad. The International Education Office will provide a supporting letter.

Students are requested to contact the Fees Office (North Wing, Main Quadrangle) to complete the necessary forms in order to receive their local authority grant whilst abroad.

Contact details for the Fees/Scholarships/Grants Office:

Tel: + 353 21 4902365/2847
Fax: + 353 21 4903459

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