Policies and Procedures

This page contains information on research support for postgraduate students.

Postgraduate students are liable for their fees. Students can receive funding for their fees and maintenance from a number of different sources:

Fully registered students may be eligible for a postgraduate Scholarship Support Scheme from their department. The student’s supervisor should be consulted in the first instance.

  • Postgraduate Scholarship awarded by the University under the Postgraduate Support Scheme. Students should contact their department to discuss these opportunities.
  • Higher Education Grants. Students should contact www.studentfinance.ie to establish eligibility for a grant.
  • Awards from Research Grants. Students should contact their department to explore opportunities.


Postgraduate Scholarship Support Scheme


A department can support postgraduate students by offering a Scholarship. Holders of Scholarships are required to undertake teaching and other related duties in the department where they are studying. There is a ceiling of 150 tutorial and 200 demonstrating hours that any one student can work under the scheme. Payment will be made over the twelve month period 1 October 2007 – 30 September 2008. The value of the scholarships set out in the documents are intended as guidelines but departments have the flexibility to increase the value of the scholarship up to €14,375 per student from other sources the department has available to it. The value of the scholarship includes the student fee payable.

Who is eligible for a Scholarship?

Full time registered postgraduate degree students with a relevant first class honours or second class honours, grade 1, in their degree/higher diploma/results, qualifying for entry to the relevant Masters programme, are eligible to apply for scholarship support in the department where they are registered as postgraduates. Masters degree students should benefit for not more than two years and PhD students for not more than four years – this benefit is cumulative i.e. 6 years where student progresses from Masters to PhD.

In all cases the scholarship will be paid to the student via the Payroll office.  A student in receipt of a scholarship is not precluded under the Scheme from receiving a maintenance/non fee award from another agency or Industry. However, Department Heads should note the overall monetary award received by each student in making scholarship decisions, so as to ensure that available funding supports as many postgraduate students as possible in an equitable way. Scholarships can be paid or supplemented from research grants.

Students who do not qualify for a scholarship may apply for demonstrating or tutorial duties. These payments are subject to tax and PRSI.
Documentation for Postgraduate Student Funding is available on the Finance office website.


Irish Research Council Scholarships

  • The Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme provides funding across all disciplines at Master's and PhD level.
  • The Employment-Based Postgraduate Programme provides funding across all disciplines for postgraduate researchers based at an Irish host institution and partnerned with an employer.
  • The Enterprise Partnership Programme provides funding for postgraduate researchers engaging with industry and enterprise.

For further information see  http://www.research.ie/


Sports Scholarship Scheme  
In pursuit of its function of promoting excellence amongst its students University College Cork introduced a Sports Bursary Scheme in October 1992. These scholarships are awarded annually to undergraduate and postgraduate students who excel in a particular area of sport. 
Category A1 - €2,000 Category A2 - €1000 Category A3 - €500

Some of the conditions of the Sports Scholarship, University College Cork are shown below.

1. Sports Scholarships will be awarded on the following basis:-

  • The applicant has reached or has the potential to reach a very high level of performance in his or her chosen sport as indicated in performance levels, times, representational honours, achievements and recommendations from coaches.
  • The Scholarship recipient (Categories A1 and A3) must be prepared to participate for UCC at all levels and as required.
  • The Scholarship recipient must, when the scholarship is awarded, be a registered student completing an undergraduate or postgraduate programme in UCC.

2. Awards will be made for a period of one year and may be renewed subject to satisfactory performance, compliance with University requirements and completion of the necessary reapplication and interview

3. Payments to recipients will be made in three instalments during each academic year, the first instalment being paid at the time of the award.

For further please refer to this webpage.http://www.ucc.ie/services/physed/scol.html

  • Application forms for 2007/2008 may be downloaded here: PDF format or MS-word format
  • Terms and Conditions of UCC Sports Scolarships: PDF format or MS-word format


Non-EU PhD Fee Waiver Scholarship

These are a number of scholarships which are awarded each year to outstanding students who would otherwise be liable for the full international fee. The scholarship makes up the difference between the EU and the international fee, and can only be applied for by students who pay these fees. The determination of who shall receive this scholarship will be made by Academic Council Graduate Studies Committee. 

Non-EU students can apply for a scholarship on the same application form as for their PhD programme. This can be downloaded from the International Education Office Webpage:http://www.ucc.ie/en/international/


Other awards

Further details of Bursaries, Scholarships, Prizes, Grants & Awards available to postgraduate students can be found on the exams and records webpage:

The UCC Academic Calendar has weblinks to scholarships and prizes:  


Details of The National University of Ireland Awards can be found at: http://www.nui.ie/awards/postgraduates.asp

Fees funding and scholarships- webpage:http://www.ucc.ie/en/study/postgrad/cost/


Higher Education Grant (Local Authority Grant)

Criteria for the awarding of a grant are primarily based on residence and on income. Please apply to your local County Council/VEC for more information.


Contact: for details of Bursaries, Scholarships, Prizes, Grants & Awards

Postal Address: 
Student Records and Examinations Office,
The West Wing,
University College Cork,

Tel:  +353-21-490 2423
Fax: +353-21-490 3448
E-Mail: exams@ucc.ie


Contact: Fees office

Postal Address:
Support and Administrative Offices
Finance Office
North Wing
Main Quadrangle 
University College Cork

Tel:  +353-21-490 2678
Fax: +353-21-490 5978
E-Mail: mariabuckley@fin.ucc.ie


Current fee rates for Postgraduate Students can be found here.

1st postgraduate year - details of how to pay feels will be issued with your registration pack which will be sent by post prior to the start of the academic year (expect to receive this mid September - early October).

Subsequent years - an email is sent to your student email address giving details of how to register and pay fees for the releveant year prior to the start of the academic year (expect to receive this mid September - early October).


Payment of Tuition and Residence Fees.

Fees for EU Students are payable in 2 equal instalments, one on registration in October and the second in January, with the exception of the registration/capitation, which is payable in one instalment only.

Fees for Non-EU Students are payable in 1 instalment in October and can now be paid using a Credit Card.  Please contact the Fees Office for details.

UCC has moved to an on-line fee payment system. Students can opt to pay by Credit Card or by Bank Giro.

The Finance office webpage has details of fees, polices and proceedure and some grants available.: http://www.ucc.ie/en/financeoffice/fees/



Postal Address:
Support and Administrative Offices
Fees OfficeNorth Wing
Main Quadrangle 
University College Cork

Tel: +353-21-490 2847
E-Mail:  mariabuckley@fin.ucc.ie

Information on thesis submission is available here.

I am not registered yet. When can I expect to be?

You can register for the first year of your Research programme when your application has been fully approved by your Department/School and the College you will be based in. Once your application is approved an approval letter with registration details and the Terms and Conditions of your approval will be sent to you by the Graduate Studies Office, UCC.

There are four formal start dates for PhD and Masters by Research students.





Applications take an average of two months to process once you have completed your online application on PAC (see Your Application's Journey in the How to Apply section). 

The number of years for which you have to register will be noted on your Approval Letter and don't forget that you that will need to re-register each year. We will send you a reminder email to your UCC email address shortly before you need to renewal your registration each year.

How do I register?

This section is under development

When do I get my student card?

Once you have completed Registration Part 2 and have paid the first instalment of your fees the Student Examinations & Records Office will issue your student Card. If you are a funded student an F1 Form will need to be sent to the fees office to confirm payment. The F1 Form can be downloaded from the Fees Office website.

Your student ID card will be issued to your for the duration of your programme of study and will be validated each year on payment of the relevant fee when you renew your registration.

What does my student card entitle me to?

There are great advantages to being a fully registered student and having a student card such as:

  • Use of the extensive UCC Library facilities

  • Membership of the Mardyke Sports Arena.

  • Your Student ID card will have a chip built in to allow you access to open specific lab doors and areas guarded by swipe-key access (check with your department)

  • Computer discounts and software offers 

  • Free computer training

  • Retail Discounts

How do I connect my Smart-Phone, iPad or laptop to the wireless network in UCC?

The Student Wireless System supports many types of handheld devices. Further details on the devices that can be set up on the UCC networks is available on the UCC IT website

All registered UCC students are allowed to connect one laptop and or one hand held device to the UCC Wireless Network. To have a device connected to the wireless network please check out the link below to the UCC IT website.

Connecting to the Student Wireless Internet

Can I connect my Android phone to more than one laptop in the UCC network?

This section is under development.

How do I access WiFi hotspots?

To use any of the UCC WiFi Hotspots you will need to register you device with the UCC's Student IT centre, you will also need to ensure your device is configured to connect to the wireless network.

Full details for setting your device up to the UCC WiFi are available on the Student IT website

For face-to-face help and advice you can go to the Student IT Helpdesk in the Boole Basement.

How do I set student email account on my Android phone?

Because your student UMAIL account is basically a GMAIL account you can set up your student email on your Android phone.

  1. First you need to set up 2-step verification on your Google account. This is easy to do and ful instructions can be found by Googling ‘2-step verification’.

  2. Secondly, launch the Gmail App on your phone go to settings then find and click ‘Add Account’ and go through the process of setting up your UMAIL account. 

Does UCC provide  travel grants to attend inernational conferences?

Expenses for travel may occasionally be covered by department research resource funds. You will need to discuss the options available with your supervisor and with the relevant administration staff within your department well in advance of making any travel plans.

I am currently registered on a Masters by Research/PhD track. How can I upgrade to a PhD and when can I do this?

Master by Research students need to be fully registered for at least one year before they can be considered for an upgrade to a PhD.

PhD track students may apply for change to a PhD programme on the recommendation of their supervisor(s) at their review after being fully registered for 12-18 months.

The change of programme registration has to be sanctioned by your supervisor(s) and Head of Department/School and the relevant form can be downloaded here.  You need to complete this form, get it signed off by your supervisor(s) and Head of Department and send it back to Deirdre Daly, Graduate Studies Office, 2nd floor, West Wing, University College Cork.  This form should be returned at least two months in advance of your next registration date.

How many hours a week should I spend on my PhD? 

If you are a full-time PhD student then consider your PhD as you would a full-time job. Expect to do a 39 hour week with standard working holidays of 4 weeks.

As a currently registered student what funding can I apply for?

There are several ways you may receive funding for your fees and maintenance for your research studies while UCC. You need to be proactive in sourcing funding and it is worth while discussing this with your supervisor at the earliest opportunity.

  • There are some Postgraduate Scholarships awarded by the University under the Postgraduate Support Scheme. Contact your department to discuss these opportunities.
  • Contact http://www.studentfinance.ie/ to check your eligibility for a Higher Education Grant.
  • Students should contact their department to explore opportunities for awards from Research Grants.
  • For further advice about funding your postgraduate studies in UCC see the funding section of Graduate Studies Office website here.

Can I get a receipt for fees paid in order to claim tax back?

 Yes, you certainly can get a receipt for fees paid for any year of your studies. Simply send your request by email to the fees office fees@fin.ucc.ie stating your full name, student number, relevant fee year and your postal address and they will post out your receipt.

Is there a postgraduate Society? How do I find out about it?

Check out the Postgraduate Society  website for information and events for postgraduate students.

Meetings are generally on Thursdays at 6pm in the North Wing, Tower room 1.
You can sign up to the Postgraduate Society mailing list by contacting them atpostgrad@uccsocieties.ie and you can also follow the Postgraduate Society on FaceBook

How do I get enrolled in sports clubs and societies or find out more about them?

You can find out more about UCC Sports and Societies by checking out the campus life webpage.

Remember too that all fully registered students have access to the Mardyke Arena sports complex and most sports clubs use their facilities so this is also very good place to look for club events. You will need your student card to gain access the Mardyke Arena.

How do I access UCC emails?

You can access your UCC email from anywhere by logging on to the student portal atwww.ucc.ie/en/sit/ (click on student@portal login).

There is a lot of information about accessing your email and setting up your UCC email account on your computer, laptop or handheld device, IPhone, android etc. available on the UCC student IT website

I have a staff number and email address, and a student number and email address. Can I forward my student emails to my staff address and how do I do it?

You should not forward your Student Email to another email account.  Your student email account is used for official communication from the University including fees and exams information.  UCC cannot guarantee the delivery of email to an external accounts and it is your responsibility to check your official UCC Student Email Account. Important information is sent to the student email address and if your “other” mail service goes down you could miss vital information regarding exams and or deadlines.

An exception can be made when forwarding from a UCC student email to a UCC staff email.

This should only be done for UCC to UCC addresses.


View account settings

 Step one student to staff email forwarding

View Forwarding and POP/IMAP

 ‌Step two student to staff email forwarding


Add your UCC forwarding address.


How do I go about getting teaching experience while registered as a PhD student?

Departments/Schools may have teaching hours available for postgraduate research students so do discuss your options for getting teaching experience with your supervisor in the first instance.

Ionad Barra the Teaching and Learning centre offer a postgraduate module specifically for postgraduate students PG6003 Teaching & Learning

To find out more contact Mary Clohessy 
Tel: (021) 4902919
Email: m.clohessy@ucc.ie

Is the Careers Service open to Research Students? What services do they provide?

Yes, the UCC Careers Service is available to all registered students part-time or full-time.They offer advice on getting a job, Job vacancies, work placement, career/employer events and postgraduate study. You can book to meet an adviser 36 hours in advance. Click here for their Online Booking Service.

Address: 3-4 Brighton Villas, Western Road, Cork (Beside Castlewhite Apartments)

Opening Hours (Information Centre): 
Monday - Thursday 9:30am - 5:00pm 
Friday 9:30am - 4:00pm

Tel: (021) 4903193 (careers bookings/information)  
Email: careers@ucc.ie

I am an international PhD student. Are there English classes I can take and how do I go about this?

There is a suite of English classes specifically aimed at postgraduate students. If you would like to improve your academic English skills in the four primary areas of writing, reading, speaking and listening these modules will help you.

It is possible to do all three modules progressively during the academic year or do any of these modules in isolation providing your English is at the appropriate level. Each module consists of 11 afternoon sessions of 3 hours and each have a 5 credit weighting. To register for any of these modules please contact Brendan McEnery at b.mcenery@ucc.ie

Module details are available via the links below.

PG6021 English for Postgraduate Studies (Upper-Intermediate: B2+)

PG6022 English for Postgraduate Studies (Lower Advanced: C1)

PG6023 English for Postgraduate Studies (Advanced: C1+)

How do I sign up for Postgraduate Research Modules?

Some modules require you to contact the coordinator or administrator to sign up, while others require you to submit your details using an online form.

For a list of modules and details about how to sign up for the individual Postgraduate Training modules currently available click here.

I would like to undertake a module from a taught programme. Is this possible and how do I go about doing this?

Structured PhD students can only take the recommended modules pertaining to their programme as outlined in the Postgradute Calendar.

PhD students can take postgraduate training modules, and under certain circumstances can take a module from a taught programme. There is a limit to the amount of credits that can be gained from taking such modules and only 30 credits over 3 years can be done. The results will appear on your transcript. You will need to get permission from both your supervisor and the programme coordinator to do a module from a taught programme and the permission letter and/or email will have to be submitted to Helen Buckley, Graduate Studies Office, UCC email:h.buckley@ucc.ie

I am having problems with my supervisor. What should I do?

The draft Policy on Resolution of Difficulties for Postgraduate Research Students outlines in detail the process to follow if you are having problems with your supervisor. In the first instance direct resolution between supervisor and student is preferred, but if this option is not appropriate you can chose to talk to the Head of Department/Chair of Graduate Studies Committee or College Postgraduate Student Liaison.

  Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences Dr. Sivlia Ross Tel.: 021.420 5141
Email: s.ross@ucc.ie
  Business and Law Prof. Frederic Adam Tel: 021 420 3341
EMail: FAdam@afis.ucc.ie
  Medicine and Health Prof. Helen Whelton Tel: 021.420 5310
Email: h.whelton@ucc.ie
  Science, Engineering and Food Sciences Dr. Ruth Ramsay Tel.: 021.490 4644
Email: r.ramsay@ucc.ie
  Central Facilitator, Graudate Studies Office Michelle Nelson Tel: 021 490 3076
Email: m.nelson@ucc.ie


For further information the draft Policy on Resolution of Difficulties for Postgraduate Research Students can be downloaded via the link below.

Policy on Resolution of Difficulties for Postgraduate Students (264kB)

I need to take some time out from my PhD programme. How do I do this?

It is preferable for students to progress their research without interruption insofar as possible. However, in some circumstances, for example in the case of illness, financial or family difficulties, it is possible to apply for a formal temporary cessation of registration until these difficulties have been resolved. For further information the leave of absence policy can be downloaded via the link below.

Temporary Cessation of Registration (216kB) (Leave of absence policy)

The relevant form for change of registration can be downloaded here:
Application form for a change of programme for Research Students (357kB)

For more information on Temporary Cessation of Registration (Leave of Absence) for research students please contact: 
Michelle Nelson.

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