Part-Time Courses


The Language Centre UCC offers part-time English language courses throughout the year.

Term Dates for Part-time Courses 2016-2017

  • Term 1:                 26 September -16 December 2016 (12 weeks )

  • Term 2:                 9 January - 13 April 2017 (14 weeks)

  • Term 3:                 24 April - 23 June 2017 (9 weeks)

Classes include up to 4 hours of tuition per week. 

Timetable for Part-time courses January to April 2017  






Course Description 


Cambridge First Certificate(FCE) Exam Preparation 

Exam: March 3rd/4th  2017 


18.00 -20.00 



8 weeks 


B2 FCE: Preparation for the Cambridge First examination. (8 weeks) 

CEFR B2 General English 

Wednesdays            18.00 -20.00 


Wed – G42N 

14 weeks 


B2 General and Academic English. English at upper-intermediate level to help you to live, work and/or study in Cork.  

CEFR C1Cambridge Advanced English: (CAE) Exam Preparation 

Exam: March 10th/11th   2017 


18.00 -20.00 


9 weeks 


C1 CAE: Preparation for the Cambridge Advanced examination. 


IELTS Preparation 

Bands: 5.5 – 7.0 



18.00 -20.00 




14 weeks 


IELTS Preparation: For students aiming for Band 6.5 or Band 7. Minimum entry level IELTS 5.5 or equivalent.  

C2 General & Cambridge Proficiency English(CPE) Exam Preparation 


18.00 -21.00 


14 weeks 


C2 CPE General and Academic English and Preparation for the Cambridge Proficiency examination.  

Focus on Fluency 


18.00 -20.00 


14 weeks 


Focus on Fluency: Improve your communicative fluency in speaking, reading, listening and writing. Level B2 to C1  

Business English 


18.00 -21.00 


14 weeks 


Business English: Vocabulary used in business and economics; how to speak and write in a business job; understanding written and spoken texts about business and economics. Level B2+C1 


All students interested in taking a part-time course are required to take a placement test to determine their level of English.

To register for this placement test, please email  with your details including name and contact telephone number indicating your preferred test date and time.

You can also contact the Language Centre Office by telephoning 021 490 2898/ 490 2043 / 490 2641

 Fee: €15
Please click  to download the application form.

Details for exam registration, please click here .


Level 4 (Intermediate Level) course places emphasis on developing students' overall ability to communicate confidently in English

Level 5 (Upper Intermediate Level) suitable for students preparing for the Cambridge First Certificate in English

Level 6 (Advanced Level) suitable for students preparing for Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English

Level 7 (Proficiency Level) suitable for students preparing for Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English



Focus on Fluency

This course assists students in developing their oral fluency in English.

It is expected that students for this course will already have at least B -B2 (Intermediate - Upper Intermediate) level of English.

Business English

The focus is on learning and using vocabulary in specific areas including Sales and Marketing, Finance & Economics and Human  Resources.  This course also focuses on how to handle telephone calls and commercial correspondence effectively (letters, fax messages, email and reports) as well as writing job applications and curriculum vitae. 

This course is suitable for students at B2 and C1 (Upper Intermediate to Advanced) levels or students who have studied Business English previously.


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