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NB : Please prepend the following numbers to the telephone extensions when calling:

  • '420' if outside UCC
  • '021-420' if outside Cork
  • '353-21-420' if outside Ireland
Department Office Phone: +353(0)21 420-5892 
Fax:     +353(0)21 420-5367
Executive Assistant Ms. Julie Walsh / Margaret Hynes 
Extn: 5892
Administrator Ms. Ann O'Brien, MSc 
Extn: 5888
Non-EU Programmes Dr. Joseph Manning
Extn: 5909
Work Placement Dr. John Herbert
Extn: 5925
BSc in Computer Science
BSc in Computer Science (Web Systems Engineering)
Dr. Kieran Herley
Extn: 5805
HDip Applied Computing Technology Dr. Steve Prestwich
Extn: 5911
MSc Computing Science Dr. Marc van Dongen
Extn: 5903
MSc Software & Systems for Mobile Networks Dr. Marc van Dongen
Extn: 5903
MSc Interactive Media Mr. David Murphy
Extn: 5908


Boehme, Frank Lecturer G-60 420-5916
Bowen, James Professor G-50 420-5914 Phone +353 21 420 5892 to ask for my email address
Bridge, Derek Senior Lecturer G-61 420-5907
Brookes, Leslie Administrative Officer 1-28D 420-5893
Brown, Ken Senior Lecturer 2-64 420-5952
Doherty, James Lecturer 1-72 420-5929
Fleming, Martin Systems Administrator 1-20 420-5894
Foley, Simon N. Senior Lecturer G-65 420-5923
Freuder, Eugene C. Research Professor 2-61, 4C 420-5956
Grigoras, Dan Senior Lecturer G-69 420-5918
Healy, Eoin A. Lecturer G-62 420-5913
Herbert, John Senior Lecturer 1-78 420-5925
Herley, Kieran Lecturer G-63 420-5905
Hynes, Margaret Executive Assistant (Job-Share) 1-28 420-5890/5892
Lenihan, Thomas Senior Technician 1-21 420-5901
Manning, Joseph Lecturer 1-80 420-5909
McCormack, Colin Lecturer G-68 420-5917
Moriarty, Martin Systems Administrator 1-20 420-5896
Morrison, John P. Professor 2-50 420-5944
Murphy, David Lecturer 1-77 420-5908
O'Brien, Ann Administrator 1-28 420-5888
O'Byrne, David Computing Systems Manager 1-20 420-5895
O'Mullane, John Lecturer G-72 420-5920
O'Riordan, Adrian Lecturer G-71 420-5906
O'Rourke, Billy Systems Administrator 1-20 420-5897
O'Sullivan, Barry Professor, Head of Department 2-65 420-5951
Pitt, Ian Lecturer 1-79 420-5904
Prestwich, Steve Lecturer G-67 420-5911
Provan, Gregory Professor 1-71 420-5928
Russell, Gavin Lecturer G-73 420-5910
Schellekens, Michel Professor 2-55 420-5941
Sorensen, Humphrey Senior Lecturer 1-73 420-5902
Sreenan, Cormac Professor 1-75 420-5930
Tabirca, Sabin Senior Lecturer 1-81 420-5915
Timon, Derbhile Department Manager 1-28C 420-5891
van Dongen, Marc Lecturer 1-74 420-5903
Vaughan, John Senior Lecturer G-64 420-5922
Walsh, Julie Executive Assistant (Job-Share) 1-28 420-5889/5892


NamePositionLocation (WGB)PhoneEmail
Al-Bado, Mustafa Researcher 2-60, 4C 420-5965
Arbelaez, Alejandro Researcher 215B, 4C 420-5375
Armant, Vincent Researcher 2-70, 4C 420-5972
Bean, Stephen Researcher 1-20 420-5936
Cafferkey, Neil Researcher 215E, 4C 420-5378
Climent Aunes, Laura Researcher 215A, 4C 420-5374
Davern, Paul Researcher 2-69, 4C 420-5960
Dwane-Magnier, Maureen Administrator 2-51, BCRI/CUC 420-5946
Freuder, Eugene Professor

2-61, 4C


Grimes, Diarmuid  Researcher 2-15F, 4C  420-5379
Healy, Philip Researcher 2-22, BCRI 420-5935
Hennessy, Aoife Researcher 2-18A, CEOL 420-5380
Hoare, Cathal Researcher 2-69, 4C 420-5960
Hossain, Mahtab Researcher 2-09D, MISL 420-5396
Kaminskas, Marius Researcher 2-70, 4C 420-5972
Kennedy, James Researcher 2-22, BCRI 420-5933
Kotthoff, Lars Researcher 2-15B, 4C 420-5375
MacHale, Peter Systems Manager 2-68,4C 420-5959
Malitsky, Yuri PostDoc Researcher 2-15A, 4C 420-5374
Manna, Carlo Researcher 2-15E, 4C 420-5378
Manzano, Oscar Researcher 2-15F, 4C 420-5379
Metha, Deepak Researcher 2-15C, 4C 420-5376
Noonan, Mary Administrative Staff 2-09, MISL 420-5912
Ngwa, Chris Business Development 2-66, 4C 420-5957
O'Keeffe, Mike Researcher 2-15D, 4C 420-5961
O'Riordan, Eleanor Administrator 2-63, 4C 420-5954
O'Sullivan, Linda Lab Manager 2-63, 4C 420-5991
O’Toole, Liam Software Engineer 2-53, 4C 420-5966
Ozturk, Cemalettin Researcher 2-15D, 4C 420-5377
Popovici, Emanuel Researcher CEOL 420-2027
Power, David Researcher 2-22, BCRI 420-5932
Quesada, Luis Researcher 2-15C, 4C 420-5376
Scanlon, Joe Systems Administrator 2-59, 4C 420-5964
Simonin, Gilles Researcher 215A, 4C 420-5374
Simonis, Helmut Researcher 2-54, 4C 420-5967
Stynes, David Researcher 2-60 4C 420-5965
Trablesi, Walid Researcher 2-15F, 4C 420-5379
Wahbi, Mohammed Researcher 2-70, 4C 420-5972
Wallace, Richard Researcher 2-62,4C 420-5955
Walsh, Caitriona Admin Staff 2-18C, CEOL 420-5943

Walsh, Caitriona Admin Staff 2-63, 4C 420-5953
Wilson, Nic Researcher 2-67, 4C 420-5958
NamePositionLocation (WGB)PhoneEmail
(Barry) Sherry, Mary Postgrad 2-08 420-5980
Abdi, Samane Postgrad 2-15, 4C 420-5978
Abdul, Razak Postgrad 2-15, 4C 420-5968
Alshareef, Hazzaa Postgrad 2-09, MISL 420-5982
Arokkiam, Jerome Postgrad 2-15, 4C 420-5978
Clayton, Brian Postgrad 2-22, CUC/BCRI 420-5934
Devlin, David Postgrad 2-15, 4C 420-5968
De Cauwer, Milan Postgrad 2-15, 4C 420-5968
Dong, Dapeng Postgrad 209, MISL 420-5982
Enright, Therese Postgrad IT, Tralee
Fajemisin, Adejuygbe Postgrad 2-15, 4C 420-5968
Fitzgerald, Tadhg Postgrad 2-15, 4C 420-5979
Ghafoor, Saim Postgrad 215, 4C 420-5978
Griffith, Josephine Postgrad Off Campus    
Hashemi, Mohammad Postgrad 2-09, MISL 420-5986
Hoare, Cathal Postgrad 2-08 420-5981
Horan, John Postgrad 2-15, 4C 420-5968
Huang, Weiping Postgrad 2-15, 4C 420-5968
Hurley, Barry Postgrad 2-15, 4C 420-5978
Ji, Ma Postgrad 2-09
Malitskaia, Yulia Postgrad 2-15, 4C 420-5979
Murphy, Sean Og Postgrad 2-09, MISL 420-5982
Neville, Ultan Postgrad 2-15, 4C 420-5978
O'Buadhachain , Seamus Postgrad 2-09, MISL 420-5983
O'Regan, Daniel Postgrad 2-22, CUC/BCRI 420-5938  
O'Reilly, Ruairi Postgrad 2-22, CUC/BCRI 420-5938
O'Riordan, William Postgrad Off Campus    
O'Sullivan, Michael Postgrad 2-09, MISL 420-5983
Pena, Francisco Postgrad 2-15, 4C 420-5978
Quinlan, Jason Postgrad 2-09, MISL 420-5982
Ryan, Conor Postgrad 2-15, 4C 420-5968
Tracey, David Postgrad Offsite    
Tsompanidis, Ilias Postgrad 2-09, MISL 420-5982
Umer, Samreen Postgrad 2-15, 4C 420-5968
Ye, Jing Hua Postgrad 2-08 420-5981

UCC Staff Awards 2013 Ceremony

Leadership Award - Professor Barry O’Sullivan, Head of Department, Computer Science & Director, Cork Constraint Computation Centre (4C)

The Selection Committee determined that Barry should be honoured with a Leadership Award on the basis of his outstanding achievements across all of the criteria for this award category, in particular, his outstanding contribution both within and outside UCC in terms of international impact, raising UCC’s profile and attracting substantial research funding to UCC; mentoring research teams and students; and founding and developing significant new initiatives. The Selection Committee noted the impact of his research work beyond academia, including its impact on business, the economy and society - locally, nationally and at the highest international level.

Picture shows Prof. Barry O'Sullivan accepting a Leadership Award from UCC President Murphy.

Exceptional Citizen Award - Dr Sabin Tabirca, Department of Computer Science

The Selection Committee determined that Sabin should be honoured with an Exceptional Citizen Award on the basis of his outstanding contribution in promoting the introduction of Computer Science to post primary schools. The Munster Programme Training (MPT) initiative, now in its 10th year, which he spear-headed and to which he contributes in a voluntary capacity (delivering lectures and workshops to post primary pupils on Saturdays) has had a hugely positive impact on the pupils who participated (over 650 to date). His exceptional outreach work, including not only MPT, but also a series of dedicated ICT workshops for post primary school teachers and his expert and enthusiastic support for student projects, serves not only to enhance UCC’s reputation and to attract students to UCC, but also to spread critical ICT skills in the wider community.

Picture shows Dr Sabin Tabirca accepting his award for Exceptional Citizen at UCC Staff Awards 2013 Ceremony by President Michael Murphy.

Dr John O'Mullane - Award for Research into Innovative Forms of Teaching

Self-regulation is a learning process, consisting of the development of a
set of constructive behaviours that affect learning.

Through a mutual interest in investigating how the application of coaching psychology, instructional contexts, teaching strategies and technology enhanced learning can amplify the student experience, bydeveloping students as self-regulated learners, Dr John O'Mullane of the Department of Computer Science, with colleagues from Department of Statistics, Medicine and School of Applied Psychology have come together.

Picture below shows Computer Science staff accepting their respective awards. (From left to right, Prof. Barry O'Sullivan, UCC President Dr Michael Murphy, Dr John O'Mullane and Dr Sabin Tabirca

Picture shows, Prof. Barry O'Sullivan, President Michael Murphy, Dr John O'Mullane and Dr Sabin Tabirca accepting their awards at the recent UCC Staff Awards 2013 Ceremony

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