Climate Lab Researchers

Dr. Aine Ryall                   


Climate Change Law, Climate Justice

Dr. Barry O'Dwyer


 Impacts, Adaptation, Planning, Climate Action

Prof. Brian O'Gallachoir 


 Energy Modelling, Climate Policy, Community Response, Climate Innovation 

Dr. Celine McInerney


Climate Finance, Carbon Liabilities, Energy Investments

Dr. Ger Mullally


Climate Change Transitions, Community Response

Dr. James Glynn


Equitable Decarbonisation, Energy Modelling, Climate Policy

Prof. John Wenger


Air Quality, Particulate Pollution, Aerosols 

Dr. Kieran Hickey


Extreme Events, Historical Climatology, Climate Change, Climate History of Ireland

Martin le Tissier


Coastal Management, Climate Change Adaptation 

Dr. Niall Dunphy


Energy Citizenship, Climate Change Transitions, Community Response 

Dr. Paul Leahy


Carbon Greenhouse Gas Monitoring, Extrreme Events, Wind Energy, Carbon Sequestration

Prof. Robert Devoy


Coastal Science & Management, Climate, Energy and Linked Environmental Changes

Prof. Sarah Culloty


Biological Responses to Climate Change, Shellfish & Climate Change

Prof. Sebastian Wieczorek 


Climiate Tipping Points, Mathematical Modelling
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