Computer Science - Computing Science MSc

Computer Science - Computing Science

The aim of the course is to provide you with the skills required to understand the entrepreneurship and innovation required in the software industry.

The ICT sector is among the top three Irish growth industries. 

The National Skills Bulletin (2012) identified the ICT skills identified that are difficult to source, e.g., computer software engineers and developers with specific skills sets,i.e,:

  • sophisticated database architecture, maintenance and operations
  • Java-related applications
  • open source applications
  • mobile app development (
  • cloud computing
  • IT security experts: Internet security and network security models and solutions for the financial sector

You are required to complete a research and development project as part of the course.  This project can be industry-led or based giving you an ideal opportunity to apply your knowledge to a real-life industrial problem.

Many employment agencies report on typical salaries for different sectors; an example of those reported for careers in computer science are as follows:

  • software engineer: €22,510 – €53,107
  • senior software engineer/developer/programmer: €37,095 – €55,218
  • software developer: €23,718 – €47,367

These figures are indicative only.

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