Applied Mathematics Arts BA (Hons) - CK101

Fact File

Course Title: Arts

Subject Title: Applied Mathematics

College: Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences

Teaching Mode: Full-time

Qualifications: BA (Hons)

NFQ Level: Level 8

Entry Requirements: Refer to CK101

Entry Points: CK101: 335 in 2013. Points may vary year to year.

Course Code: CK101


Applied mathematics is the application of mathematics to the modelling and solving of practical, real world problems. The emphasis throughout this three-year course is on developing and enhancing your problem-solving skills.

Areas of applied mathematics taught on the course include:

  • aspects of more classical applied mathematics in the form of elements of mechanics
  • mathematical modelling methods and techniques
  • computer programming language and use of modern sophisticated symbolic software
  • numerical experimentation
  • general mathematical methods
  • elements of the very modern areas of chaos and dynamical systems.

The first year course assumes no previous knowledge of applied mathematics and extensive tutorial support is available throughout the year.

Course Details

In year 1 you will be introduced to the construction and analysis of mathematical models of a variety of problems and processes arising in business, finance, biology, physics, and engineering. You will study elements of mechanics in which first and second order differential equations are used togain insight and understanding of some significant natural systems. You will also learn how to make use of mathematical computer software for solving mathematical problems.

In years 2 and 3 you will take modules from a selection of topics in applied mathematics. You will improve your computing skills by studying a high level programming language and will learn how to use transform and Fourier methods to solve problems in applied mathematics. You will also systematically study phenomena which occur in dynamics systems, and techniques of control. These skills are constantly applied to real-world problems from many different disciplines.

In year 3 you will also undertake a project of guided literature reading, where you will learn to understand some of the current research literature in the area of applied mathematics.


See the Book of Modules for Applied Mathematics for further details. 

Detailed Entry Requirements

The first year course in Arts assumes no previous knowledge of Applied Mathematics.

Application Procedure

Refer to CK101. First year students choose Arts subjects when registering.

Course Practicalities

In year 1 you will take three 5-credit modules in applied mathematics, which corresponds to a workload of about seven lecture hours and three tutorials or computer laboratory hours per week.

In year 2 and year 3 this increases to six 5-credit modules per year.

Most modules consist of two lectures per week, together with associated homework that is discussed in tutorials.

Modules in applied mathematics which involve significant use of the computer have associated laboratory practicals. The School of Mathematical Sciences has dedicated, well-equipped computer laboratories for this purpose.


The majority of modules have a continuous assessment component consisting of either in-class tests or take-home problems and these are worth between 20% and 30% of the marks for the module. Lecturers take care to give you as much feedback on your progress as possible.

The remaining marks for a module are allocated based on an end–of-semester or end-of-year written examination.

Who Teaches This Course

Staff from the disciplines of applied mathematics and mathematics teach modules in this course.

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