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Technologies of the Self: New Departures in Self-Inscription

Technologies of the Self: New Departures in Self-Inscription. collaborative publication, co-edited by Graham Allen (English, UCC), Caitríona Ní Dhúill (German, Durham) and Rachel Magshamhrain.

 In an era in which self-expression has undergone an exponential growth fuelled by technological innovation, most importantly, perhaps, the creation of an internet that hosts an ever-increasing number of blogs, tweets, personal webpages and other forms of audiovisual self-expression such as YouTube, it seems timely to think again  about the phenomenon of writing, filming, recording and, indeed, publishing or publicizing the self: what innovations in self inscription have recent decades witnessed, what continuities and discontinuities  can be traced, what changes in attitudes to the self and to self-revelation or exposure have been witnessed, how have developments in the channels of broadcasting altered how, what and why we engage in various, if always elusive acts of self-expression, are there now new practitioners of self-inscription because of these changes, and, finally, with so many outlets and such a market for narratives  of self, how is such material consumed?

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